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Hello friends!

Today I’m going to introduce you to my favorite products! Warning- it’s a lengthy post, but my actual routine only takes about 10 minutes. I just want you to have all the details, links to products, etc! My girlfriends will tell you, I am a skincare and makeup guru and love researching and trying new products…my daughter will tell you I have a makeup addiction. 🙂   As I have entered this new decade of life (ahem), I basically started over, so thought I would share with you today what I am currently using and loving.

A little background on me:
-I am in the category of dry to very dry, aging skin
-I am “soft” in my coloring, which means black is not my friend
-My knowledge comes from watching and reading a lot of makeup blogs, my own trial and error, and researching products on my favorite website,

We will start with skincare first:
My routine at night is fairly simple. I take makeup off with Costco brand Daily Facial Towelettes, then follow with Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid and Paula’s Choice Resist Intensive Repair Cream.  BHA’s are new for me and are slow exfoliants. After about 3 weeks of use I had a light layer of skin slough off and underneath was a new layer of very soft fresh skin. It’s the best!
In the morning, I will rinse my face with warm water and a soft wash rag then apply the following in order. First comes Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement serum then Skin Medica Rejuvinate Moisturizer. And last is the eye cream, Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream. This does not have the highest rating from Paula’s Choice because of the packaging but I am finding it to be the only eye cream to work well with my concealer. On days of little or no makeup I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with spf 15 and CeraVe Eye Repair Cream.
And every other day I will wash my face with Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser and the Clarisonic Mia.

Words of Wisdom:
1. Unless you have VERY oily skin you never want to wash your face more than once a day.
2. Do not waste your money on expensive cleansers as they sit on your face for such little time.
3. Toners are not necessary and can be skipped.

On to Makeup:

In order from start to finish:
I start with Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer spf 15, medium tint, applied with Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush. Avoid getting makeup in the eye area. Then comes Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer applied under the eye area and a little on the upper lid with my pinkie.

First I use Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in “painterly”, applied all over lid up to brow with my finger. I use this as my eye primer. It is amazing. Next comes a dusting of Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Wheat 30 all over my upper lid. Then Rich Brown 11 under the lower lashes using the Smokey Eye Liner brush. Next comes Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Ivy Shimmer Ink 14 (this is considered a universally flattering color for all eyes) using Mac eyeliner brush #210. Also amazing.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Brow Gel in Saddle applied with Brow Definer and Groomer brush. This is a new product for Bobbi and it’s great!

Back to the eyes:
I finish with White 1 eye shadow across the brow bone.

I am a little weird and like to mix my mascaras. My first coat is Roller Lash by Benefit. It does an amazing job of curling the lashes up. Then coats two and three are with Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced. I prefer thick clumpy eye lashes so if you want long defined lashes just stick with Roller Lash. Tools I also have handy are Tweezerman eyelash curler in case my eyelashes start to “droop” and a metal eyelash comb to comb out excessive clumping.

I also like to layer products for my cheeks. I start with Bobbi Brown blush in Rose 3, mostly on the apples of my cheeks then finish with Shimmer Brick compact in Rose. This adds a little bit of a dewy glow and reflects light.

This is also a layering process. I start with Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick in either Pout on Pink or Keep Me Coral. Then once dry I top with a Bobbi Brown lip gloss and will touch up with the lip gloss only throughout the day.

Evening Touch Ups:
Rather than starting over before you go out, it is best to touch up and add. Freshen up your eyeliner, add another coat of lip stick, maybe some more blush and then your secret weapons. First apply Laura Mercier Secret Finish to your t-zone area and under the eyes. Apply lightly with your fingertips. Then a light coat of Sparkle Eye Shadow Cement 20 over the eye lid and Tarte Inner Rim Liner on the lower inner lash line (your water line) to brighten up your eyes. I use the nude color but if you want a sultry dramatic affect, it comes in black also.

And we’re done!

Things to remember:
1. When trying out new products at the makeup counter, don’t be afraid to ask for samples so you can have a couple days to test them out at home before purchasing. Most department store beauty brands are glad to do that for you.
2. As you age, you need LESS foundation not more. BB and CC creams are for the young.  Tinted moisturizers work better for aging skin. Heavy foundations settle in the creases of our face and make them look worse.   And along with needing less makeup, you need higher quality.  Avoid drugstore brands for face and eyes.
3. One of the most aging things we can do to our face is to NOT fill in our brows. Eyebrows are the frame to your face.  Do not leave home without them!
4. Face Primers are also not helpful as you age. Instead, use a serum as your primer, like the one I use above.
5. If in the market for a lash growing serum, I highly recommend Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. It is not as expensive, does not need a prescription and does not darken the lids.
5. And lastly, black eyeliners are not your friend if you are “soft” in coloring. Otherwise, go for it! I think liquid black eyeliner is beautiful and am envious of all that get to wear it!

As always, please feel free to email or text if you have questions or need advice on any of these products!

And remember, makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, not to cover it up or over do it. And the best beauty tip I can give you that is free and you always have with you is your smile!
#yoursmileisyourbestasset #aginggracefully

xo missy

Are you Properly Vested?

vests header

Hello fashionistas!

Today I bring you one of the top trending styles this spring: vests!! Vests are so much fun and should definitely be incorporated into your spring wardrobe, so here are some styling ideas and tips on how to wear them based on your body shape!

First we will start with the denim vest:
denim vest
*Cabi Neo Jacket, current 2016 | *JAG denim vest, old from The Rack | *H&M white blouse, last summer | *Cabi Traveler Pant, current 2016 | Marc Fisher wedges, current Nordstrom |
I saw this idea on instagram and fell in love with it. I had almost given my denim vest away this season, forgetting how much fun they can be to layer.

Next is the sleeveless duster length vest:
anthro vest
Anthropologie Linen duster vest, last summer | *H&M blouse same as above | *Vigoss skinny jeans, old from The Rack |
You will see these duster length vests in cool black suiting material too. They are a lot of fun to play with.

And before I show you the last vest idea I want to go over some styling tips based on your body shape. Click here if you need a refresher on which shape you are.
B’s and O’s:
-Since you carry weight above the waist you want to wear your vests open with your top underneath hanging loosely away from the body. No belts, no tucking.
-You also look best in vests that don’t extend past your hip area. You want to show off your legs and hips, not cover them up.
-Stick with vest material that is sturdy and holds its shape.
-With your weight being below the waist, you want to close your vests with either a belt or drawstring to show off your small waist.
-If you would like to wear your vest open, wear a belt with your top or dress underneath. Or try a front tuck with your shirt.
-The length of your vest needs to extend past your hips so it covers your rear and upper thigh area.
-And the material of your vest does not need to be as sturdy so it can show off your small waist and curves.
-You should follow more of the guidelines of D’s. You have great curves so tuck in your shirt, wear belts, pull on your drawstrings. Just don’t hide your cute figure.

Here is an example of the very popular military vest. I am a “D” body shape so you can see the difference with and without a belt:
vest open
vest buckled
*H&M blouse same as above | Cabi Explorer Vest, current 2016 | *Cabi Stevie Legging, fall 14 | *Cabi Perforated Belt, fall 12 | *Steve Madden slip ons, spring sale at Macy’s |

If you ever have questions or need a second opinion when out shopping PLEASE feel free to text me with pictures any time! If you don’t have my cell number email me at
I want you to feel confident in the proper vest that is perfect for you!

xo missy

*these items are in my current capsule
All sunglasses from H&M.

Spring Snow & Capsule Contemplations

spring snow header
The first day of spring has come and gone and we have been blessed with 70 degree days and blizzards all in the same week. Sigh…it is Colorado after all. And with that comes some creative dressing as I put away the wool and down feathers and insist on staying warm with natural cotton fibers. So here are a few suggestions on how to stay warm and still feel “springy” at the same time.

Reach for a heavy cotton jacket instead of your parka:
adventure jacket
Cabi Adventure Anorak jacket, current 2016 | *Cabi La Belt, current 2016 | *Cabi Traveler Pant, current 2016 | *Booties Freebird, fall 2015

Add a loose weave cotton poncho to your closet instead of wool:
siesta poncho
Cabi Siesta Poncho, current 2016 | *Cabi Assymetrical Tank, current 2016 | *Cabi Destructed Skinny (curvy fit), current 2016

Wear your summer cardigans as button up tops:
belle cardigan
*Cabi Belle Cardigan, fall 15 | *Cabi Storm Baby Boot, fall 13

Add a duster length sweater to your favorite short sleeve cotton dress:
Nantucket Duster
*Cabi Nantucket Sweater, spring 14 | *Cabi Perfect Tee Dress, spring 15

Some other spring transition tips:
– Use a scarf or a cotton weave belt instead of leather
– Switch up your booties to either open toe or open strapped like mine above
– Avoid your winter leggings and sub in light weight summer jeans with a messy roll at the ankle
– Dusters are really cute with shorts too!

Lastly, I know this would be the time of year to share my “Spring Capsule” for April, May and June but I have decided to try something new and a little more duplicatable. I am instead going with a 6 month spring/summer capsule that covers the months March through August and will transition into fall/winter in September.

So instead of posting all the individual pieces I will *asterisk the ones currently in my closet as the months go by in my blog posts.
And in case you are wondering whether I have stayed with the 37 piece guideline, I have not, but it’s not that much more either.
Instead of 15 tops I have 20.
Instead of 9 bottoms I have 6 plus 3 skirts.
Instead of 2 jackets I have 3.
Instead of 2 dresses I have 7.
And my 9 shoes are still holding at 9.

Not too bad. My closet still feels roomy and I am still able to keep a pulse on what is not worn or what I am in need of.
Would love to hear if this is something you think you could do too.
xo Missy

Leave Appeal

leave appeal header
Definition – looking as good coming as you do going.
I have always been aware of the need to check the rear view before leaving the house but I never had a clever word for it until my style training in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. So today I want to talk about why “leave appeal” is important and show you some fun ideas on how to have style from the back that may be even cuter than the front.

First of all, I want you to think about what you see when you look in the mirror. Your eyes are set in the front of your face and you are unaware of what others can actually see.  As said by Nicolas Bourriaud, a French curator, writer, art critic and author, “I see from one point of view with my two eyes (the human gaze) but I am looked at from all sides.”  I know you are rushed when heading out the door in the morning, but if you would just have a hand mirror ready by your full length mirror it will save you from innocent mistakes and perhaps embarrassment later.

So, just to get my point across, this is what I see when I am out and about, and I have a feeling you are too.
leave appeal not ok
I have just a few things to say about this…leggings are NOT pants and thin dresses require one of three things;  A. a full coverage boy short, B. a slip, or C. Spanx. PERIOD.

Okay, enough said, on we go with how we can make your backside just as cute as your front and the key is all in the details.
Example #1 is about the lace:
leave appeal sophia
Regular sweater in front with a surprise lace detail in back. Cabi Sophia Sweater, current 2016 | Cabi Mesh M’leggings, current 2016 | Cabi Helios Necklaces, current 2016

Example #2 is about buttons:
leave appeal anthro
A fun cropped sweater from the front with surprise button closure in the back. Sweater vest and button down blouse, Anthropologie, fall season 2015. See also my Winter Capsule 2016.

Example #3 is about the hem:
leave appeal resort jacket
A cute cropped jacket from the front with a fun inverted pleat and “swing” circular hem.  Cabi Resort Jacket, current 2016 | Cabi Arabesque Cami, Fall 2015 | Cabi Destructed Curvy Skinny, current 2016.

My hope is that you feel so good about your backside you want to wear your clothes backwards!
#leaveappeal #leggingsarenotpants #handmirrorsareyourfriend
xo Missy

Winter Capsule 2016 & The Rule of 3

winter capsule 16 header
Happy New Year everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am already feeling 2016 rush by me. Yikes.
But before I start dwelling on weddings and fun travel plans this spring and summer, I need to enjoy these last few snowy and sometimes frigid months of winter/spring in Colorado. We had a deep freeze hit us on Mother’s Day last year which was no fun. My plants didn’t like it and neither did my wardrobe capsule. Some seasons just don’t know when to stop, so we’ll hope for the best this year.

This is probably my favorite Capsule of the year. Sweaters usually dominate my Capsule Tops and are easy to pair with leggings and jeans. Getting dressed in the morning feels very effortless and comfortable but can also be boring to look at if I’m not careful. So I wanted to share with you a little wardrobe trick called The Rule of 3’s. Your pants count as number one and your top counts as number two, so all you need to add is a third piece.  That third piece adds nuance to an otherwise run-of-the-mill outfit, making you look put together, polished, more interesting, and like you put a little effort into your look. Essentially, it’s a simple rule of thumb that promotes more stylish outfit choices. And when limited to a certain number of pieces in a capsule each season, it makes all the difference. Your third piece might be an underpinning (blouses and slips), a scarf, jacket or a statement item like jewelry or a hat. Here is a quick example from another blogger, “Hi Sugarplum!”.
rule of three
My thoughts about outfit #3…it’s okay to go past three when accessorizing, but be careful. My eyes are stuck on all that is going on between her neck and waist and I no longer see her pretty face. The pieces she added are fighting for attention instead of enhancing her overall look. So if in doubt, stick with just three!

I found another example from InStyle on Instagram that I copied for this post:
winter capsule instyle
I added a fourth piece with my hat so I will not be adding any necklaces or large jewelry.  Easy and done, warm and cute, simple but interesting.

So with no further ado, here is my Winter Capsule:
TOPS (15)
winter capsule 16 tops
Row 1:  Cabi Arabesque Cami fall 15 | Cabi Reign Blouse fall 15 | Cabi Allure Blouse fall 14 | Cabi New Scarf Top spring 14 | Row 2:  Cabi Striped Tee fall 14 | Cabi Blair Tee fall 15 | Anthropologie Capital Buttondown |  Cabi Poncho spring 14 | Row 3:  Free People cable sweater old | Cabi Glee Tank and Pullover fall 14 | Cabi Waverly Poncho fall 15 | Evereve v-neck sweater old | Row 4:  Free People cowl sweater old | Free People turtle neck sweater old | Anthropologie cropped vest current sale rack.

winter capsule 16 bottoms
Row 1:  Cabi Cool Down Pants fall 14 | Cabi Storm Baby Boot fall 13 | Cabi Nouveau Legging fall 15 | Row 2:  Cabi Easy Legging fall 15 | Cabi M’Leggings spring 14 | Cabi Dark Destruction Slim Boyfriend fall 15 | Row 3:  Vigoss skinny jean old from Nordstrom Rack | Cabi Bittersweet Cargo fall 14

winter capsule 16 shoes
Row 1:  Bedstu Manchester II Boot Nordstrom | FreeBird black ankle boot Nordstrom sale | Steve Madden boot similar here | Row 2:  Dolce Vita gray ankle boot Nordstrom sale | Black wedge boot Aquatalia Nordstrom Rack old | Black Ugg boot Nordstrom Rack old | Row 3:  Ugg brown snow boot Nordstrom Rack old | Converse black tennis shoes Nordstrom Rack old

Winter Capsule 16 dresses jackets
Cabi Cuffed Up Jacket spring 12 | Cabi Resort Jacket spring 16 | Anthropologie Turtleneck Sweater current sale | Anthropologie Cowl Neck Sweater Dress current sale in store, not online

This season I have less bottoms, mostly because of my large sweater choices.  All I need are the basic silhouettes on bottom; leggings, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans and boyfriend jeans, so I pick one favorite in each category and call it done.

It’s a new year, so if you have been quietly watching this past year of capsuling and are ready to give it a try, now is a great time to do it.  To read more about it, go to  Maybe you start with 37 pieces in your closet for a few weeks and keep the rest in another closet, just to see how you do.  If you miss them, you can always bring them back in.  But if you are like me, you will start to appreciate the space and peace of mind every morning when you get dressed.  It’s the best!

I would love to see your Rule of Three outfits on instagram or facebook!
#theruleofthree #make2016yourcapsuleyear #37capsulelove
xo Missy

It’s the Little Things that Count

it's the little things that count
As my final post for the year, I thought it would be good timing to talk about how accessories can easily change your look from day to evening. This time of year is full of shopping, meetings, carpool and work, along with evening get togethers with friends and family. So, I’ll show you three outfits that go from day to evening with just a quick change in accessories and even better, WITHOUT having to go shopping for new clothes.
Outfit #1: The Track Pant
track pants
On the left: Cabi Cool Down Pant fall 14 | Cabi Allure Blouse fall 14 | American Eagle denim jacket, old | Cabi Tassel Necklace fall 14 | Converse tennis shoes, old from Nordstrom Rack. On the right: Cabi Twist Scarf, current | Cabi Princesa Necklace fall 14 | Ugg wedges, old Nordstrom Rack.
Take away the jean jacket, necklace, earrings and chucks. Add the scarf, rhinestone jewelry and fun wedge sandals.

Outfit #2: The Jumpsuit
Cabi Casey Jumpsuit, current |same jacket, necklace and tennis shoes from above.  On the right: fur scarf made by Leith, old from Nordstrom Rack and all jewelry from Stella and Dot.
Take away the jean jacket, necklace, earrings and chucks. Add the faux fur scarf, rhinestone earrings and wedge sandals. Outfit on the left was worn to a casual work party, outfit on the right worn to a more dressy dinner party. By the way, this jumpsuit is super comfy and very easy to get on and off.

Outfit #3: Sweater and Leggings
On the left: Cabi Poncho spring 14 | Capital Buttondown, current Anthropologie | Cabi Nouveau Legging, current | scarf old from Evereve.  On the right: Verona Slip current from Free People | all jewelry from Stella and Dot.
Take away the scarf and jewelry, Add the beaded lace slip and new jewelry. I do have a confession to make.  This blouse will be in my Winter 2016 capsule so I’m cheating and wearing it early.  Outfit on the right was perfect for a bridal shower and will be worn again during the holidays with my family.  And this beaded slip stays in my “dress up” capsule and has gotten much use over the years.  It has been a great investment into my fancy accessories.

Lastly, I’ll conclude with a few beauty products that may seem small but will have significant affects on your evening look:
-Laura Mercier Secret Finish I apply this under my eyes and across my t-zone, on top of my day makeup and before freshening my makeup for the evening. It somehow not only soaks up the shiny areas but also leaves your skin moisturized. I have been using this for years and years! I love it!

-Tarte Inner Rim Liner This multi-tasker gently glides along the lower inner rim and inner corner of eyes to instantly brighten for a wide-awake effect. It can also be used to highlight the brow bone. This liner really brightens the whites of your eyes and makes a big difference in the evening light. On a side note, I wear contacts and have never had a problem with this liner. It is all natural and easy to remove.
inner rim brightener
-Lobe Wonder, ear lobe support patches for earrings My daughter Aubrey shared this product with me and now I get it. Whether young or old, the weight of statement earrings is hard on your earlobes and these little stickers not only provide comfort but they keep your lobes from sagging. They make great gifts for all the women in your life. I have already given away dozens of these little guys.  I have only been able to find these on Amazon.  They come as packs of 4 at a great price.  Click on the box below to see more details.

lobe wonder

So I’m officially signing off for the year 2015. I’ll be back in January with my Winter Capsule and some warm cozy sweaters. I pray this winter break is full of love and precious memories of being together with friends and families (and staying stylishly cute of course!).
xo Missy

Me and my Friend Poncho

poncho title pic
Ponchos are everywhere this season but they have actually been around for a while. I think it just takes us time to try new things. Over the years I have tried lots of different styles of ponchos and I have them narrowed down to three basic silhouettes that we’ll cover today; the “Sweater Poncho”, the “Traditional Poncho”, and the “Open Cape Poncho”. And I’ll also talk about their pros and cons. So here goes:

The Sweater Poncho:
poncho sweater
(Cabi Poncho spring 14 | Free People Eyelash slip, similar here| Cabi Grid Skinny Jean, current)
The sweater poncho is one that you need to plan on wearing as a top, not a coat. The arms are typically narrow and attached to a wide body of fabric. As with all large, oversized tops, be sure and wear something narrow on the bottom like skinny jeans shown here, leggings or a pencil skirt and tights.

The Traditional Poncho:
tradtional poncho
(Cabi Cowl Poncho, current | Cabi Striped Tee spring 14 | Cabi Easy Legging, current)
This type of poncho can be worn both ways, as a top or as a layering piece like a coat. I prefer this type of poncho to be open on the sides WITHOUT armholes. Take it from my personal experience, as cute as the ponchos are with little armholes, you will be unable to wear a purse of any kind except a clutch. Not my idea of a fun day of shopping and running errands. Also, if you are petite in height, be sure and wear a wedge or heel of some type, otherwise this piece will overwhelm you.

The Open Cape/Poncho:
open cape
open cape samples
(Splendid dress and Freebird cowboy boots old from Nordstrom Rack | Cabi Gigi Cape, current | Cabi Reign Blouse, current | Cabi Storm Baby Boot fall 13 | boots Freebird by Steve Madden, current)
This piece obviously can only be worn as a layering piece so you do need to consider what you’ll be wearing underneath. These types of capes are very versatile. They can be worn open in the front, you can belt them, you can throw one side over your shoulder (my personal favorite) or you can even twist them up and wear them as a scarf around your neck. This style also allows you to wear any kind of purse you like and is easy to take on and off when running errands.
(All jewelry in above photos from Stella and Dot)

Other Style Options:

other poncho samples

Another suggestion I have with any of these style of ponchos, is to do what I call “tonal dressing”. You achieve this by finding an underpinning that is in the same color hue as your poncho. For example I use a gray slip under my gray sweater poncho and I wear a gray striped t-shirt under my traditional poncho. I like doing this because it gives me lots of options of what to wear on the bottom, whether it is a printed or bright colored skinny jean, regular denim or solid or printed leggings.

Just some poncho pointers to make you look perfectly put together while out present purchasing.  🙂
Will be looking for you on Instagram – #meandmyfriendponcho
xo missy

Going Green

Going Green Header

Every season the Pantone Color Institute picks out the top 10 colors of the season and designers follow suit when forecasting their new lines. It’s fun to see what is on the horizon and they always look so pretty together, BUT therein lies the problem. As much as you might love the colors of the season, chances are several are not going to love you back. So I thought I would share a post on how to enjoy the new colors even when they aren’t your best.

A fashion trend that has been going strong for several years now is the military jacket in a muted, army green. This green has a lot of yellow in it and looks amazing on all the “Warm” redheads out there, but for the rest of us, it’s not so good. So here are some ways to work around this and still enjoy this style.

Suggestion #1: Layer it with another piece of clothing that is full of your best colors.

Suggestion #2: Add in one of your “pop” colors with statement necklaces or earrings.
(Tassle Necklace and bracelet past season from Cabi)

Suggestion #3: Add in a different tone of the same color family that IS one of your best colors.
(Cabi Boa Belt spring 15)
A close up of the earrings:
(Earrings past season from Stella and Dot)

So here’s to making the Pantone picks perfectly pretty on you!
#pantonecolordriedherb #afancywordforarmygreen
XO Missy

To see original pieces of this capsule go here.

Fall Flares & Capsule 15

header fall capsule 15
Hi Everyone I’m back!

A summer filled with family weddings and vacations is to blame for the long gap between posts! And now that I’m back in my routine, I’d like to try to do a better job this fall and winter of posting “outfits” in between my Capsule posts so you can see how I mix and match things. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

This is my first official “Capsule Repeat” and it hasn’t been quite as easy as I thought. I think the transition from summer to fall will always be hard because of the drastic change in weather, just like winter to spring. I’ve also been on a mission to add more color to my capsules so I’ve been busy adding, moving and deleting the 2014 Fall Capsule getting it ready for this year. So here goes:

TOPS (15)
fall capsule tops 15
1 Cabi It Girl Cami spring 14 | 2 Cabi Mesh Shirt spring 14 | 3 Cabi Melange Pullover fall 14 | 4 Cabi poncho LE 14 | 5 Urban Outfitters, old: similar | 6 H&M white cotton blouse, old: similar | 7 ivory blouse current Nordstrom Rack: similar | 8 Stitch Fix, Skies are Blue blouse September shipment | 9 Urban Outfitters, old: similar | 10 Evereve, old | 11 Free People Nordstrom Rack, old | 12 Free People: similar | 13 Evereve v-neck sweater, old | 14 Evereve graphic tee, old: similar | 15 Free People Nordstrom Rack, old

Fall Capsule bottoms 15
1 Cabi MLeggings spring 15 | 2 Cabi Cool Down Pant fall 14 | 3 Cabi Ricky Legging fall 13 | 4 Stitch Fix June shipment boyfriend jean by Mavi Jeans | 5 Evereve brown legging by Prairie Underground: similar | 6 Vigoss skinny jeans Nordstrom Rack: similar | 7 Cabi Storm Baby Boot fall 13

DRESSES (2, I have four and stole from the “bottoms” category)
fall capsule dresses 15
1 Cabi Batik Slip Dress LE | 2 Urban Outfitters plaid flannel shirt dress: similar | 3 Splendid pleather/knit dress Nordstrom Rack, old | 4 Evereve denim shirt dress, old: similar

fall capsule jackets 15
1 Cabi Anorak jacket spring 14 | 2 Leith duster sweater Nordstrom Rack, old: similar

fall capsule shoes 15
TOTAL = 37
1 Free People Amber Orchard Bootie | 2 Nine West Vintage black boot, old | 3 Bed|Stu tan riding boot, old | 4 Jeffrey Campbell Free People, old | 5 Donald Pliner lace up boot, old | 6 Sam Edelman ankel boots, old | 7 Pakros brown riding boot, old | 8 Aquatalia black wedge lace up boot, current Nordstrom Rack store, not online | 9 Converse

fall capsule accessories 15
1 Free People flannel shirt, old: similar | 2 Evereve flannel hat, old: similar | 3 faux fur scarf and Spanx tights, old from Nordstrom Rack | 4 Cabi Nanook Jacket fall 14 | 5 Cabi Poseidon Puffer fall 14 | 6 Cabi Glee Pullover fall 14 | 7 Cabi Skinny Tech Pant fall 14  In case you are wondering why I have a plaid flannel shirt in my “accessories” category, it is because I only tie it around my waist as seen here (great bootie coverage).

I’ll wrap up with another outfit and tips on how to wear the recently back in style “flares”(Yahooooo!!)  Trust me, you need to jump on the flare bandwagon because these jeans are so darn flattering!
flare jean outfits
-The bootcut or baby bootcut flare are going to be the most flattering to the leg. Be careful with the very wide bell bottom/Farrah type jeans. They are very trendy and not as flattering to the leg.
-Make sure the jeans hug your leg down to the knee then flare from there.
-Wear higher heels or wedges with this cut. You want as long a leg as possible.
-I would rather see your jeans too long than too short. It’s okay for them to puddle and break a bit around your shoe.
-Dark wash will be more slimming than light.
-A partial front tuck will also create a longer leaner leg.
PS I love how my stitch fix blouse and Cabi sweater happen to look good together. That is what happens when you stay close to your color swatches.
PSS My Free People clogs are on back order and due to arrive at the end of the month, so the shoes pictured would not be my first choice. Counting the days until my clogs are here!

Loving my capsule and these cool fall days. Remind me I said that when it starts snowing. 🙂
#37capsulelove #feelinggroovyinmyfallflares
XO Missy

For the original capsule concept go here.

Crop and Tuck: Summer Capsule 2015

summer capsule header 15
This is it, my last capsule of the year before I start repeating in the fall. It has been a wonderful year and I wouldn’t change a thing. And in fact, I can’t wait to start over again and see what it’s like to enjoy my capsules with only minor adjustments. Capsuling has TOTALLY changed my outlook on clothes and shopping for the better. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I actually get very weary shopping the last two weeks of each quarter and have come to really appreciate the peace I have in the three months to follow.  And I have gotten rid of a TON of stuff I wasn’t wearing and it feels so good.

And as I bring this year of capsuling to a close, I wanted to share with you a recent documentary that I thought you might enjoy called Traceable. It focuses on the fashion industry and the waste that is accumulated with our never ending desire of wanting more and wanting different with every season change.  There are young pioneers trying to shift that mentality into making long term investments with less waste and hoping to create a desire to know where your garments are actually made and “tracing” their roots. It was very affirming of this capsuling movement and made me more appreciative of those that have gone before me and set the trail for this amazing concept.

So, on to a lighter note, here is my capsule for the summer. This is one of the easier quarters transitioning from spring to summer with the main difference of not needing to worry as much about “cold” days but just knowing how to layer for cool evenings here in Colorado.  And once again, very similar to January, the sales are AMAZING right now so take advantage of them.  I have had many sales people look at me funny when I tell them I am doing my “summer” shopping when they are making room for the fall line coming in July.  Capsule girls get all the deals!!!

I’ve also noticed that I tend to have themes with my capsules when they are done that are not planned. Last quarter was all about my “boyfriend” jeans and this quarter is about investing in cropped shirts that I can either tuck in or let hang out to show off the waist. So fun.
So here goes:
Tops 15:
summer capsule tops 2015 2

1.  Nordstrom Rack baseball tee, current/ 2.  CAbi Outlet Net Sweater 2014/ 3.  CAbi Outlet Drape Back Shirt 2013/ 4.  CAbi Grosgrain Top, current/ 5.  CAbi Outlet Needle Lace Shell 2014/ 6.  CAbi Outlet Cabana Edition 2014/ 7.  Anthropologie Embroidered Panal Tunic on sale/ 8.  CAbi Outlet Linen Tank 2014/ 9.  Anthropologie Chambray Swing top on sale/ 10.  Anthropologie striped top, old, similar here/ 11.  Free People swing top, old/ 12.  Anthropologie Sun-Drenched Chambray current/ 13.  H&M linen t-shirt current

Go here if you want to locate a CAbi Outlet near you.  Go here to locate a Nordstrom Rack near you.

Bottoms 9:
summer capsule bottoms 15
1.  Free Press slitted maxi current Nordstrom Rack/ 2.  AG demin bermudas old Anthropologie/ 3.  CAbi M’Leggings current/ 4.  Democracy girlfriend jeans current Nordstrom Rack/ 5.  Anthropologie Yida Printed Wide-Legs, mine are sold out, similar here/ 6.  Anthropologie Linen Cummerbund Crops on sale/ 7.  Christopher Blue khaki shorts current Nordstrom Rack/ 8.  Free Press slitted maxi skirt current Nordstrom Rack

Pairs of Shoes 9:
summer capsule shoes 15
1.  BCBG old Nordstrom Rack clearance/ 2.  Converse old Nordstrom Rack/ 3.  Free People old/ 4.  Dansko last season Nordstrom/ 5.  Free People old/ 6.  BCBG Ellis Platform Sandal current Hautelook/ 7.  Converse old Nordstrom Rack/ 8.  Superga old Nordstrom Rack clearance

Dresses 2:
summer capsule dresses 15
1. Go Couture Racerback Maxi current Hautelook/ 2.  Calvin Klein current Nordstrom Rack/ 3.  Evereve Alternative Eco Jersey Rouched Maxi on sale current/ 4.  CAbi Outlet Resort Maxi 2014/ 5.  Evereve old/ 6.  T Alexander Wang current Nordstrom Rack

Jackets 2:
summer capsule jackets 15
1.  CAbi Outlet Nantucket Sweater 2014/ 2.  CAbi Outlet Sweetheart Topper 2014 (this is really cute tied in a front knot on top of sleeveless dresses and tops)

Accessories/Underpinnings (unlimited):
accessories summer 15
1. This is how I cover myself up in the summer without dying of heat. The first lace top is from Free People and they come in lots of different colors, Galloon Lace Racerback. The other two lace tops are from a local boutique and the cropped cami’s are all from H&M. You have to buy these early in the season. I noticed this week they hardly had any colors or sizes left.  2.  Plain Fedora and scarf are old from Evereve and  3. The Black Ribbon Fedora is current from Nordstrom Rack.

This quarter I knew I would be borrowing from the other categories to give me more dresses and skirts. I find them to be the most comfortable on hot days and the easiest to layer so the dress category is a little lopsided. And that’s okay. The total number of pieces and how many are in each category are recommendations not laws so you choose what is best for you.

I pray this past year of posts have sparked some interest in this concept.  I know the feeling first hand of using shopping to soothe my emotions that never truly satisfies and leaves only guilt in the end.  And as women, we tend to put ourselves last on the list, which capsuling helps to resolve by freeing you from wasteful time and money spent in stores and getting to enjoy what matters.

Once again I say try it, you’ll like it…what’s the worst thing that could happen…what have you got to lose?
The original concept can be read about here along with the formula.
I’m here to help if you need me.
XO Missy