My Capsule Closet

Showing you my closet makes me feel very exposed but it’s all good and part of the process of letting go of bad habits and starting new healthier ones. I’ll start off first with some pictures of two outfits I have been wearing a lot this month because of our crazy October weather. It gets down to the 30’s at night and then zooms back up to high 70’s low 80’s during the day so it’s been hard finding comfortable outfits to wear so far.

lightweight fall outfits
The outfit on the left I wore to church this morning, teaching sunday school and wanting to be comfortable but still put together. And the outfit on the right came in handy for a party for work and needing to be ready to go outside and roast marshmallows. yummmmm This hoody jacket from Free People is really comfortable but has high slits up the sides so I decided to add the lace slip for coverage. When it gets colder I’ll switch to my ponte knit leggings and Ugg boots. And with my skinny boyfriend jeans I can easily switch to my brown Sorel winter boots. To see the original capsule pieces and where they came from go here.

Now my closet…
portrait closet
On the left is pretty much how my closet has looked all summer. Way too many shoes, very disorganized, too many clothes that I wasn’t wearing. I know it’s hard to tell in pictures but the feeling I have now when I look at my closet on the right is so much more peaceful. I have bags of clothes and shoes that I am giving away and taking to my resale store and more I need to deal with in the spring. And I will confess, having all my shoes in one place, limited to 9 pairs, is a first for me….ever….so embarrassing.
lanscape closet
On the right side door I have hung all my slip type underpinnings and on the left side I have a similar over the door organizer with my scarves, purses and belts. I know I have a lot more to clean out in the basket drawers and up top but I’ll wait and tackle it with my spring capsule.

If you’ve been hesitant to try this capsule idea and are still on the fence I would encourage you to just give it a try for a week and see how you do.  Go grab a cheap rolling rack at Ross (thank you Ellen Schulz) and throw your favorite 37 pieces on it and see if you miss the rest of your closet by the end of the week.  How many of us can identify with the character in the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”?  I know I can and did and always will, which is why this has been so good for me.  It’s not been easy but I’m so glad I was open to it.  In America we are used to having a lot of choices and are comfortable with excess so I know this is a process for all of us.  Anyway, onward we go in our own personal journey’s.

xo missy

Capsule Show and Tell

It’s finally time to show the clothes in action so if you are one that is not interested in doing a capsule, I hope this post will give you some new styling ideas no matter what.
I decided to start with one of my pieces that is very easy to wear right now because of it’s ease to wear when hot or cold outside. It is my coveted denim shirt dress.

I adore shirt dresses probably because of my body shape. I have a small waist and carry weight in the booty area so I find this dress to be very flattering and comfortable to wear. Every woman has natural instincts when it comes to some of her best colors and silhouettes so follow your gut and don’t apologize for it. The only issue I have with shirt dresses these days is they tend to have a high/low hem and are cut quite high on the side of the leg. This is where slips come in quite handy for me. For the other three body shapes (B, O and X), your legs are beautiful so you need not worry too much about these interesting hemlines.
denim dress combos
denim dress options
Slips made by Melody, available at Evereve, half slips available at a local craft mall, Unlisted. Belt is old from Cabi, purse is Rebecca Minkoff from Nordstrom Rack on clearance.

I had a lot of fun standing in front of my capsule grabbing different pieces to see if they would work and my husband was also amazed and weary as I kept appearing in new outfits for him to take pictures of (thank you honey). And if you are capsuling that’s what this is all about. I had to laugh when I came out in my final outfit for “date night” and Scott asked me where I was going. (that’s a good sign)  And don’t forget about the option of getting rid of the self tying belts and bringing in a leather one of your own.  OR if your waist is something you would rather hide, shirt dresses are just as beautiful with no belt, especially if you have slender hips and legs.

And in the meanwhile, there have also been a few minor changes to my capsule line up.
capsule updates
I realized I needed a denim shirt with a longer hem length so I had the option to tuck it in or layer it under sweaters and found this one on sale at Madewell. I also decided to sub in this black embroidered tunic because with a slip it is adorable as a dress too. And lastly I had to make a hard decision between the Born lace up loafers and the Sam Edelman ankle boots and felt like I will get more wear out of the ankle boots. Fortunately, I already own both so I may decide to swap them out in January. And my last piece to arrive was this Free People cozy brown wool sweater that I ordered from Evereve. No more shopping for me and it actually feels really nice…hopefully this feeling will last though December. :)

I’ll wrap up with one of Aubrey’s favorite pieces for work so far.
aubs and her midi
Midi length skirts can be very hard to wear when they are hitting at the largest part of our calf, so Aubrey was very intuitive to find one that had a slit she could twist around to the front to show off a hint more of her leg. This black and white print is also a nice change from just solid black and is still just as versatile.

We hope this post has inspired you to try some new things with dresses and skirts. We’ll be back with more outfits, before and after of my closet and getting your little LBD (little black dress) ready for the holidays.
PS If you don’t have an amazing, perfect, fabulous, stunning LBD/outfit in your closet for special occasions, this is your next assignment. Now is the time to take care of this before the hectic holiday season begins.
PSS For you “capsule girls”, your LBD does NOT need to count in your 37 pieces.  Yay!

XO missy

Capsule Completion

At last, my very first capsule is ready to wear. Perfect timing also as the weather starts to cool down this coming week. BUT if hot days continue to pop up here and there, I won’t force myself to be uncomfortable or overheat, so I’ll keep a few transitional items from the summer nearby. Here are the items for October, November and December 2014!!!
TOPS 1-15:
tops 1-9
tops 12-15
Gray Cotton Sweater – CAbi spring/summer 2014, Gray Tunic Sweater – Evereve made by Lumiere, Plaid Flannel Cardi – Evereve made by Billa Bong, Graphic Tee – Nordstrom Rack made by Happening in the Present, Tunic Blouse – Evereve old, White Button Down – Evereve made by Cherish, Oversized Sweatshirt – Nordstrom Rack made by Free People, Berry Tunic – Evereve made by Allison Joy, Patchwork Cowl – Evereve made by Free People, Brown Sleeveless Tunic – Nordstrom Rack made by Lapis, Striped Swing Tee – Evereve made by Ellison, Sleeveless Army Jacket – Anthropologie made by Sanctuary, Denim Shirt - CAbi old, Ribbed Sleeve Sweater – Evereve made by Sweet Romeo.

pants 1-6
bottoms 7-9
Black Skinnies – Nordstrom Rack made by Lucky Brand, Black Track Pants – Nordstrom Rack made by Two by Vince Camuto, Black Pleather Leggings – CAbi fall of 2013, Brown Chino Skinnies – Nordstrom Rack made by Democracy, Skinny Boyfriends – Nordstrom Rack made by Hudson, Distressed Skinnies – Nordstrom Rack made by Not Your Daughters Jeans, Sweater Maxi – Nordstrom Rack made by Rubbish, Plaid Dress – Evereve made by Audrey, Maxi Skirt – CAbi old.

Denim Shirt Dress – Evereve old made by Level 99, Pleather Knit Dress – Nordstrom Rack made by Splendid.

Denim Jacket – CAbi old, Gray Train Coat – CAbi old.

Black Bootie Wedges – Nordstrom Rack made by Dolce Vita, Ugg Boots – Nordstrom Rack old, Black Lace Ups – Nordstrom Rack made by Born, Black Chucks – Nordstrom Rack made by Converse, Brown Oxfords – second hand store made by Born, Sorel Wedge Boots – Evereve made by Sorel, Brown Midcalf Boots – Nordstrom Rack old made by Pakros, Brown Lace ups – Nordstrom Rack old made by Donald Pliner, Tan Riding Boots, Nordstroms made by Bedstu.

Spanx Tights are from Nordstrom Rack, Lapel Pin is from CAbi current season and faux fur is from Nordstrom Rack.
Store Links from above: Nordstroms, Nordstrom Rack, Evereve, CAbi and Anthropologie

This has been a very interesting and insightful process for me and I have been compiling my thoughts to share with you, so here are my top 10:
1. Working with a theme of color really helps make your wardrobe more mix and match-able and you’ll find pieces from different stores look like they were meant to be together.
2. Your capsule will not be perfect on the first round. Just start pulling all your pieces that you love and get them out so you can see them and can “dwell” and “think” on them before your capsule begins.
3. Make a list of items you need. It may be basics like a new black skirt or pair of dress pants or ballet flats or maybe you’ve seen a new trend you want to try out. Make a list!
4. Go shopping. Use your worksheet that Caroline provides (go here) and hone in on your favorite stores. For me that includes The Rack, CAbi, Anthropologie, FreePeople. Go to the Brands page of the worksheet and start your list. It will save you a ton of time to only shop in the stores you love.
5. Don’t be afraid of buying more than you need or passed your budget. Save your receipts and return the next day. I never trust the mirrors or lighting in the stores and I need to see how the pieces look with the rest of my capsule. This past month I have come home and immediately hung my new pieces up with the rest of my capsule to see if they are all “happy” together.  Then the next day back I go to return the things that don’t work.
6. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on yourself than you normally do. You are only shopping 4x per year and you are going to be getting a lot of use out of these pieces so splurge a little if you need to. I love the saying that “you haven’t saved any money on a sale item if you don’t wear it”.
7. Don’t worry if you go over or under your 37 pieces. This is a process and I think with time will get easier, so don’t beat yourself up if your capsule isn’t perfect. This is a work in progress with how we look and feel about our closets and the clothes we wear and if a month into it you realize you made a bad choice, pull the item and replace it with something better.
8. I think there are going to always be two times a year that your capsule transition is large and abrupt – summer to fall and winter to spring. We happen to be starting with an abrupt one so don’t get discouraged as you transition into this wardrobe.
9. It’s important to identify with your style: Pure Natural, Modern Classic, Creative Original or Fashionista and let it guide your purchases and pieces. I am a Creative Original so you are seeing a very eclectic capsule with edgy shoes so don’t let that scare you. All the styles are beautiful and perfect on you when it’s the right one.

10. I have made the executive decision that “underpinnings” don’t count. I decided if the piece can’t be worn alone then it shouldn’t count as a capsule item. You will see in my outfit combinations this season that I am very dependent on slips, shear tunics and long tank tops to extend my line and cover my bootie. You know where your trouble spots are so make sure you have what you need to be comfortable.

As you can see in my “bottoms” section I did not use all 9 slots as pants and substituted in more dresses because of church and the holidays coming up. And don’t forget you get to have an endless supply of accessories like jewelry, scarves, tights, hats and purses. You will be surprised how much an accessory can change your look.

In the coming months Aubrey and I will keep posting outfit combinations modeled by us, not just on the hanger, and other postings as I feel inspired. I would love to hear if you are feeling inspired to give this a try…or maybe you want to wait and see how this turns out for me. Even if you don’t think this is for you, I would encourage you to keep tabs on what you wear this fall and in December do a head count of your most popular pieces. Statistics show we only wear about 25% of our wardrobe so capsuling gives you permission to let go of the 75% and relax and enjoy what you have.

I’ll sign off with a quote from Caroline, the originator of the Capsule Wardrobe, “To me, a capsule wardrobe represents more time and energy for what really matters (less time spent deciding what to wear / less time spent shopping / less time doing laundry or caring for clothes) more money for our dreams + helping others (less money spent on clothes that never get worn) and more contentment and happiness.

Now I’m just waiting for a sweater and dress to arrive and my first fall capsule will be complete.  I’m looking forward to resting these next months.  I have realized that new fashion comes in to stores about every 4 weeks.  There will always be more to buy, more to see, more to want, and more to spend time on, so my hope is that you will be freed from of all that by building a capsule wardrobe and loving every outfit you put on each season.  I pray this fall is full of peace, relaxation and many sweet memories with family and friends while feeling and looking great from the inside out!

#37capsulelove #readyforfall
xo missy

Capsule Gratitude

Since our last post, I have had the joy of working with two sisters in law, one totally new to my style appointments and one that I have consulted with before but wanted help putting her own capsule together. So here are their pictures and thoughts…

First is Wendy. Wendy is a pastor’s wife and mom of four very active children, college age down to freshman in high school. Wendy hasn’t spent a lot of time thinking about her closet and is always happy to accept clothing from friends and family even though it may not be her best style, color or fit and she decided it was time to get more involved in her clothing decisions. So here is adorable Wendy before we got started.
wendy's closet
As you can see I did not leave her with much but I made her a great shopping list with very specific items so she will feel less overwhelmed when out and about. Wendy has a very interesting mix of “Pure Natural” and “Creative Original” so I am anxious to see how her capsule turns out. This is what Wendy said later, after her experience, “Thank you! It was such a great experience for me! It’s like I got permission to take care of myself in a new way…this could even help save marriages if women could feel better about themselves…etc.”

Next is her sister in law Christy. I have already worked with Christy.  Her original closet is on my “services” page. Christy LOVED the idea of capsuling when I first posted the concept so we made an appointment to revisit her closet again and it was so worth it!

This is so common at the end of my closet/style appointments. We get everything cleaned out and organized by color, but it still feels overwhelming for both of us. I know we need to put together outfits from what is left but there is still so much remaining we both get overwhelmed and I’m not feeling much closure. But now, with the capsule all that has changed.
christy before
So in Christy’s “before” you see a closet organized by color with lots of slacks/jeans up top and down below a slew of shoes. When I came over I brought my rolling rack and I had Christy start picking out her favorite tops, bottoms, jackets and shoes and then we counted them out (15 tops, 9 bottoms, 9 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses and 2 jackets). We both realized as she was going through all her slacks (folded on the top shelf), she had way more than she needed of jeans and no dress pants. So after picking out her favorite two or three pairs, all different in style, we made a list of new pants that needed to be added. Christy has done an amazing job of thriftily shopping and filling in her gaps and purging out the excess.   This is how her closet looks now: (along with new velvet black hangers from Costco, my favorites)
christy after
Here are Christy’s thoughts so far…
“At first I thought that doing a capsule wardrobe would be so limiting but have been pleasantly surprised to find the opposite true. Capsuling is so freeing! I’m freed from all the extra clothes that I would dig through to try and make work but couldn’t and never really knew why. Now I know, I didn’t love them. Freed to spend a little more and get quality over quantity because I now know EXACTLY what I need AND what I don’t. Freed to walk in a store and focus on what is necessary to complete an outfit or add to my capsule instead of wasting valuable time aimlessly wandering through and being distracted by pretty yet unnecessary items. To me, living without a capsule wardrobe is like managing your household with out a budget. Thank you Missy for introducing me to the capsule idea and helping me free up my closet, budget, and time.”

So well said, I have nothing to add.
Like the Nike commercial says, “just do it”.
What have you got to lose?
What’s the worst thing that could happen?

To read the original explanation of Capsule Ward-robing, go here.
To download the Capsule worksheet, go here.
If you need my help, go here.
Next week my capsule will be complete and up for you to see piece by piece and Aubrey and I will share our own personal thoughts so far.

xo Missy

Capsule Confessions and Duster Power

So, I’ve changed my mind.
I was going to be done and start wearing my fall/winter capsule starting this month but two things happened.
1 – I didn’t have enough time in August to prepare and I hate feeling rushed when picking out my clothes.
2 – It’s still hot and I’m not in the mood to wear my fall clothes yet.
So there you have it. I will now rearrange my quarters and follow Caroline’s example and begin my fall/winter capsule with October and end it with December. And with that decision has come much joy and a sense of peace as I slowly and thoughtfully change, add and move around my 37 piece capsule.

Aubrey, on the other hand, already has her capsule done. She starts her new job on Monday and needed to get her “work outfits” set up ASAP so what I’ll share today is a few snippets of pieces I have firmly decided on and the ones Aubrey has picked out for herself. I work part time in a coffee shop and come home covered in coffee so I am not including my work clothes in my fall capsule. Instead, my capsule will be focused on clothes to wear to appointments, run errands in, out with friends and church. And then you’ll have a nice contrast with Aubrey’s work clothes if that is more of what you need.

Here are a few of Aubrey’s pieces so far:
aubs fall capsule
And look how cool this is. Caroline has developed an app for your phone called StyleBook app (there is one for men too). It’s only $3.99 for the download and it allows you to bring in all the photos you take of your capsule as individual pieces, edits out the background and saves them in the folders you pick. You can then create outfits so you don’t forget and can even plan out your days in the apps calendar. If only I were young again…and what a blessing to young working moms too!
aubrey's fall capsule 2

And here are my pieces so far:
missys capsule
All of these pieces were either purchased at Nordstrom Rack or Evereve (Hot Mama) and all were on sale.  1 – Toms wedge booties, 2 – Free People, 3 – Evereve brand, 4 – Rack, 5 – Ugg from the Rack, 6 – Democracy from the Rack, 7 – Lucky from the Rack, 8 – Evereve, 9 – Free Bird from the Rack.  As I have been out and about shopping and moving my pieces around I have slowly come up with a color theme of navies, chocolate browns, blacks and touches of berry reds and golds.  I can already tell how much this is going to help as I reinvent outfits for the next 90 days.  And surprisingly I have had a hard time finishing out my 15 tops/jackets so I may sub in another dress or skirt.  We’ll see.  This is what some of my combos look like in the app:
missys capsule combos
I’m just getting started but wanted you to see how this works.

We’ll be back next weekend to show you our progress. But in the meanwhile, I want to introduce you to the power of the Duster Sweater.
duster samples
1 - Anthropologie, 2 – H&M, 3 – Evereve (formerly Hot Mama)
I love this time of year when my dusters can come out and play. Dusters typically are made of very light weight, loose weave knits that are long in length, almost hitting the floor. And because of their light weave are PERFECT pairings with your sleeveless tops and dresses or after a work out to cover your booty. It’s that perfect piece for this transitional month of weather when we still have summer in our closet but need our arms covered in the evenings.   And they are too thin to wear with long sleeves so now is the time to wear it!

I have ordered a fall/winter duster from Free People that is thermal and meant to be worn over layers and hoping to add it to my capsule so we’ll see.
duster winter
As you can tell I love this piece of clothing and think they look great on all body shapes and sizes.
Anyway, enough for now. I have more shopping to do!
And we would love to hear if you are trying this too!

You can read all about the capsule idea here.
You can download the capsule worksheet here.
You can enjoy Caroline’s blog posts and her progress on her own capsule here (Caroline is in her late 20’s and a free lance photographer).
See you next week.

#37 Quarterly Capsules

Since starting my blog back up this year, I decided to post when I felt inspired instead of putting myself on a schedule. So as I have been pondering what I might write about next, I stumbled upon another fashion blog called This beautiful young gal named Caroline took the idea of wardrobe capsuling and put a few rules and recommendations on it and came up with what she calls the Capsule Wardrobe. Her definition is, ” It’s a 37 piece wardrobe that includes tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and shoes.”

I don’t know why, but this concept really struck a chord with me and I have not been able to stop thinking about it ever since. I think over the years of being a stylist and cleaning out closets and working with mine too, I have realized it’s really hard to find a balance of just enough to keep your wardrobe enjoyable and new and having so much that you can’t find, see or remember to wear everything in your closet. Then there is the guilt of spending too much or not wearing what you bought and as women we already beat ourselves up for so much, let’s not add this to the list.  Or perhaps you are on the other end of the spectrum and find getting dressed in the morning to be very draining so you wear the same things over and over again so you don’t have to think about it.

So, I am ready to embark on this adventure and I am challenging you to do it with me. You can read all the details here and even print out a planner. I am also editing the planner for myself to add in body shape, color, personal style and accessories. I’ll let you know when I have that ready. Caroline lives in Austin, so her seasons are a little different than what we have here in CO so I have decided to start the fall capsule with the months of September, October and November. She recommends that you not only think about your weather but also write down any special events, holidays or trips you might have coming up during the quarter.  Here is what I have so far:
If you have a rack like this you can use, I highly recommend it. It has been nice getting the fall pieces out so I can see them all at once, count them out and move them around. This also gives you an opportunity to see where you might have some holes and helps you make a specific shopping list with a budget. She also created a fun app called StyleBook app where you can store the photos of each piece of your capsule so you can remember outfit combinations and have it handy when shopping for accessories.  I have noticed Caroline tends to be monochromatic in her wardrobe selection and brings color in with her shoes and accessories so it’s up to you on how you want to do this.

With my schedule, I can’t do this in the last week of August, which would have been a perfect time to complete my capsule, so I will instead use the first week of September to get things finished up. So I’ll be back soon with a finished list and will start posting outfits I am able to make with these 37 pieces.

I am also glad to come to your house and help you put this together. I will still do all the things I normally do in a style appointment, with color, body shape, style, etc but I’ll have my empty rack and will help you sort through your closet and leave you with a three month capsule that is perfect for you with a specific list of items needed. Just click on my “services” tab to read more about it.

See you in a few weeks ready to share and enjoy my fall capsule!
xo missy

Vaca/Stayca Summer Makeup

It’s summer, it’s hot, and it’s an active time of year, so I thought I’d share a very easy beauty routine with you. You can do this in a few minutes and it will give your face a little break from your normal makeup routine while on vacation or even at home enjoying the summer season. Plus, this is that time of year we all want to look fresh-faced and undone but it’s hard to know what to cut out and what to keep. So here are three simple steps after you have applied your morning moisturizer with SPF:
vaca makeup
#1 Under Eye Concealer – makeup artist, Bobbi Brown calls this her “desert island product“. It easily covers up dark circles and blemishes and if you are like me, and your eyelids have become “crepey”, I use it as a base over my eyelids and SKIP the eye shadow when applying my full makeup routine. There is nothing worse than eye shadow that has clumped into your eyelid creases! I find concealer gives me a finished look up top without the fuss. Apply concealer under the eye, all the way up to the lash line and over the eye lid.  You can use your finger or a concealer brush like mine.
#2 Cream Blush – Bobbi Brown makes a great creamy blush called Pot Rouge, but any brand will do. This is a “double duty” product that you can use on both your cheeks and lips.  Apply to the apples of your cheeks and lips.
#3 Mascara – It’s the number one way to make your eyes stand out. Start at the base of your lashes and gently stroke upward towards your nose. It will pull your eyelashes up and over to give you more of a wide-eyed look. You can also grab a q-tip and dip it into your mascara and apply as a lid liner (Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner is actually made with the same base as her mascara). In the picture above I have two mascaras showing because on full makeup days I like to start with a light mascara, like Bobbi Brown’s Everything Mascara and then apply a second coat with a more dramatic mascara like this one called Best Lash Extreme by Jordana. And of course, a waterproof brand would be ideal if getting in the water.

That’s it! Here is a picture of Aubrey before and after. Perfect for a day at the beach, pool, hike in the mountains or a day of fly fishing with her dad. :)
vaca makeup aubrey

I tried it too and was pleasantly surprised.
vaca makeup missy
I find also, that on active days like this, I prefer showering in the evening before dinner, so you can always switch back to your full beauty routine for the evening in case you have plans to go out, and revert back to the simple routine the next day.

And for those of you who don’t usually wear makeup, this simple routine would be an easy step up when needed for special occasions.
I can’t believe August is almost here! The summers always seem to fly by. I hope this catches you before that last vacation before school starts and you get a chance to try it out!
xo missy

Dressing Your Man

Being it’s still June, I thought I would squeeze this subject in while we are still enjoying the Father’s Day holiday month. I don’t know how many of you have husbands like mine, but Scott really doesn’t care what he has on except it has to be comfortable. He will even rip tags out of the neck because they “scratch”. So, needless to say, I tend to let Scott alone with his comfy clothes but I recently realized it was time for some intervention.

One thing that happens to the men in our life is they start to grey around the temples and in their beard and most men will not be coloring those flecks of grey out like we do as women. My husband has always been in the same category as me, “Soft” (think Channing Tatum), but as he grays I am realizing it’s time to switch him to the “Cool” category (think George Clooney), which is quite different from what he has hanging in his closet. He now needs to be in white vs cream, black vs brown, silver instead of gold, etc.

Another point I want to bring up also, regardless of the age of your man, is that dressing in the right color for them can make the difference between getting that coveted job or being promoted. I think we as women look at color as being fun and helpful when shopping but for a man this is serious business. I don’t think it occurs to us how much a difference dressing in the right colors can make in their lives. A perfect example;  when my husband was in the “soft” category, his best suit colors were browns, slate grays and navy blue. You will notice I left out black. For a soft to wear black, especially as a suit color, is draining and overwhelming to their skin tone and makes them look tired, pale, aged and unnoticeable. And black is so popular I think this happens more often than we think. If your man comes home wondering why he didn’t get the promotion or the new job when he was the best qualified, this may be the problem.

So here are the Dominant Color Characteristics redone with men as the focal point.
DCC for men
Please take note, all of these men are wearing perfect colors for their category.   If you need a reminder of what the characteristics are for each category go here.

Whether your husband is a sharp dresser and likes to shop for himself or he is like mine and lets me do all the shopping, I can’t think of a better gift then to give him his own personal color swatches. I carry Scott’s around in my purse along with mine, so when I purchase an item I think he might like, I can make sure I am choosing the best color for him, not just one that I like.
It also gives me some bargaining chips as I quietly slip out the bad colors for some new good ones, hoping he doesn’t notice. :)

If you have any questions about where to categorize the man in your life, be it a new grad looking for his first job all the way to the father of the bride, just email or text and we can figure it out together.  Swatches are available to order here for around $20 per set or you can click on the girl with the umbrella on the right hand side of this page.  There is a cheat sheet that comes with them so be sure and read them thoroughly before you start shopping.

I know the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover” but when it comes to first impressions we unfortunately are created to take you in visually before you have a chance to say one word. So let’s help the men in our lives make wise and more purposeful wardrobe purchases and they can take it from there . Sometimes it’s the little things that count.
Hope everyone had a great Dad’s Day!
XO Missy

Here comes the MOB/MOG

It’s wedding season so I thought now would be a good time to go over some tips and tricks for you “Moms of Brides” and “Moms of Grooms”. I have personally been through this experience as an MOB and I will tell you, even as a stylist, I found it to be very stressful and full of challenges. So here are my best tips followed by photos of me and some dear friends that have successfully made it through the event, both looking and feeling beautiful!

Lesson #1: Know your body shape and personal style. I went over body shape in this post. I cannot express this enough. When you work alongside a stylist and have her go over what necklines, styles and materials are best suited for you, the results will be in your favor. If you are lucky, you and your daughter will be very similar in style. If not, don’t change just for her. When the style of dress you choose isn’t right for you, it will show!

Lesson #2: Picking the right color. I found this to be harder than I thought as I watched my daughter pick out her flower colors and bridesmaids dresses. Are we supposed to match, compliment or do something totally different? There is no perfect answer for this question so as you start shopping for that perfect dress, you may end up with one of the above and have no choice in the matter. The only mistake would be wearing white or matching the bridesmaids perfectly. You want to set yourself apart as the “mom”, not trying to be one of the girls or competing with your daughter or daughter-in-law to be. Ideally, you want to be wearing one of your best “pop” colors so you look radiant both in person and in the wedding photos. If you can’t remember what color category you belong to, click here.

Lesson #3: Picking the right formality. This also can be tricky as you consider the time of day of the wedding and the formality of the bridesmaids along with the wedding gown. The cocktail length is very popular and can be worn day or evening. One thing I don’t recommend is a full length gown for you while the bridesmaids are to the knee and less formal or visa versa. Again, the goal is to complement the wedding party, not draw attention away from it.

Lesson #4: Take care of yourself like you do the bride. I can’t tell you how easy it is to neglect yourself as you take care of every little detail for your daughter or daughter in law. As she gets her fittings, you should be too. As she does dry runs of her hair style and make up, you should too. As she shops for just the right shoes, you should too. As her dress is getting pressed and steamed for the big day, yours should too. She needs help and so do you. So do it together.  And on the big day, plan to have a family member or good friend be your personal assistant.  She will be the one to tell you you have food stuck in your teeth or that your bra straps are showing.  She will be someone you trust and can stay calm in the midst of chaos.

Lesson #5: Enjoy the day. This is the biggest “party” you have probably ever hosted so enjoy it. Know that once the big day arrives, nothing more can be done, so let it go. You have family and good friends all there to enjoy the day with you so be there in mind AND body and enjoy every minute!

Another very common question I get is what to wear on the legs and feet.  If it’s a summer wedding you are probably struggling with whether to wear hose or not so here are my recommendations.
hosiery options
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – this stuff is amazing, comes in lots of shades and is not more than $13. You will find it at Ulta and most drugstores. This is NOT a spray tan that takes hours to show up or turns orange. It is more like skin makeup and you will swear it looks like the coverage of panty hose when you are done. I can’t say enough about it. It will also cover varicose veins and any uneven skin tone. The only draw back is you must remember your shape-wear, since you now don’t have the control top of the pantyhose.  I also recommend playing around with this.  Put it on and wear it before the big day so you can see what you think and make sure the color you picked out is right.
Nude Fishnet Hose – these are so much more popular these days, I’m even seeing them at Target. I prefer these over panty hose because they are not looked at as being “old” but more fashion forward.  And they still give that illusion of an even toned leg.   This can be a very fun addition to your outfit.
A Nude Shoe - this is the safest, most beautiful shoe you can put on your feet any time of the year and especially in the summer months. If you have done a good job finding a nude that matches your skin tone your legs will elongate and our eyes won’t stop at your feet as you walk down the aisle. And the options are endless whether you do a nude strappy or a closed toe pump. Pick your favorite style and make sure it is comfortable. If you choose a shoe that is stunning but uncomfortable, make sure you have a second pair to slip into at the reception. I loved my pumps for the wedding but they killed my feet so I had some fun cowboy boots to change into for the reception. And even better, a nude shoe is something you will get a ton of use out of later.

So here are some examples of beautiful moms with their beautiful brides all with their unique styles:
renee wedding
This is Renee as an MOB first then an MOG second. Her daughter had a fall wedding in the month of October with black and vivid red tones and her daughter in law was married in May, with an elegant black and white theme and touches of honey dew greens.

missy wedding
My daughter’s wedding was in January, with a country chic theme, soft pinks, ivories, blacks and brown.

miss renee
This is Aubrey’s sister in law’s wedding with her mom Renee. The wedding was in late June with vivid corals, violets, peaches, champagnes and light greens with a chabby chic theme.

derri wedding
Next is Derri’s daughter’s wedding in November with a vintage barn and garden theme, with soft blues, dusty greens and ivory.

deb wedding
And last is Deb’s son’s wedding, in September in the upper east coast. A more formal wedding with black attire and beautiful red accents in the flowers.

And please know, I have a very soft spot for MOB’s and MOG’s and I want you to feel free to call or text, or if you are in town, to run over and be your second pair of eyes. This is such an important day for you and your family and you deserve a little TLC yourself!
xo missy

My Slip is Showing

I LOVE dresses, especially in the summer. For my body shape and style they are more comfy and breezy than shorts and t-shirts, but I have found that most casual dresses I find, whether it’s Gap, Old Navy or Nordstrom Rack, all seem to have short hemlines…at least for my taste. So, this summer I decided to attack the problem with capri leggings and purchased several colors in them but now I’m hot again. So what am I to do?

While in Free People looking around, I noticed how many slips they had hanging throughout the store. Some were maxi length, some more tunic in length and then I spotted a traditional slip that hit right at the knee. Here it is.
eyelash slip
This is called the Eyelashes Slip in alabaster. I love that it has adjustable arm straps so that you can decide where you want the slip to hit at your knee. And it gives some nice coverage up top if you need that. I have gotten a ton of use out of it, wearing it under some Chambray sleeveless dresses from Old Navy and some colorful summer dresses from Gap, all too short in length for someone my age.

Here is a picture of me wearing a Splendid dress from Nordstrom Rack that has that fun high low hem, but I was a little uncomfortable with the “high” in the front.
no slipslip
I also love the added detail of the straps peeking out up top. It takes a cute cotton dress and makes it just a little bit unusual and intriguing. Just my cup of tea!

Another place to find slips is Anthropologie. Just make sure it’s a mix of slip/dress. We don’t want our mom’s silky pajama like slips showing. Then someone really will stop us to tell us our slip is showing!
Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day.
xo Missy

PS Don’t forget I’ll be doing the 5 Minute Face makeovers this Saturday, May 17th from 10am to 4pm, at my house. Any age is welcome, especially the young teens. Now is a good time to show them simple makeup techniques that are timeless and beautiful.