Crop and Tuck: Summer Capsule 2015

summer capsule header 15
This is it, my last capsule of the year before I start repeating in the fall. It has been a wonderful year and I wouldn’t change a thing. And in fact, I can’t wait to start over again and see what it’s like to enjoy my capsules with only minor adjustments. Capsuling has TOTALLY changed my outlook on clothes and shopping for the better. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I actually get very weary shopping the last two weeks of each quarter and have come to really appreciate the peace I have in the three months to follow.  And I have gotten rid of a TON of stuff I wasn’t wearing and it feels so good.

And as I bring this year of capsuling to a close, I wanted to share with you a recent documentary that I thought you might enjoy called Traceable. It focuses on the fashion industry and the waste that is accumulated with our never ending desire of wanting more and wanting different with every season change.  There are young pioneers trying to shift that mentality into making long term investments with less waste and hoping to create a desire to know where your garments are actually made and “tracing” their roots. It was very affirming of this capsuling movement and made me more appreciative of those that have gone before me and set the trail for this amazing concept.

So, on to a lighter note, here is my capsule for the summer. This is one of the easier quarters transitioning from spring to summer with the main difference of not needing to worry as much about “cold” days but just knowing how to layer for cool evenings here in Colorado.  And once again, very similar to January, the sales are AMAZING right now so take advantage of them.  I have had many sales people look at me funny when I tell them I am doing my “summer” shopping when they are making room for the fall line coming in July.  Capsule girls get all the deals!!!

I’ve also noticed that I tend to have themes with my capsules when they are done that are not planned. Last quarter was all about my “boyfriend” jeans and this quarter is about investing in cropped shirts that I can either tuck in or let hang out to show off the waist. So fun.
So here goes:
Tops 15:
summer capsule tops 2015 2

1.  Nordstrom Rack baseball tee, current/ 2.  CAbi Outlet Net Sweater 2014/ 3.  CAbi Outlet Drape Back Shirt 2013/ 4.  CAbi Grosgrain Top, current/ 5.  CAbi Outlet Needle Lace Shell 2014/ 6.  CAbi Outlet Cabana Edition 2014/ 7.  Anthropologie Embroidered Panal Tunic on sale/ 8.  CAbi Outlet Linen Tank 2014/ 9.  Anthropologie Chambray Swing top on sale/ 10.  Anthropologie striped top, old, similar here/ 11.  Free People swing top, old/ 12.  Anthropologie Sun-Drenched Chambray current/ 13.  H&M linen t-shirt current

Go here if you want to locate a CAbi Outlet near you.  Go here to locate a Nordstrom Rack near you.

Bottoms 9:
summer capsule bottoms 15
1.  Free Press slitted maxi current Nordstrom Rack/ 2.  AG demin bermudas old Anthropologie/ 3.  CAbi M’Leggings current/ 4.  Democracy girlfriend jeans current Nordstrom Rack/ 5.  Anthropologie Yida Printed Wide-Legs, mine are sold out, similar here/ 6.  Anthropologie Linen Cummerbund Crops on sale/ 7.  Christopher Blue khaki shorts current Nordstrom Rack/ 8.  Free Press slitted maxi skirt current Nordstrom Rack

Pairs of Shoes 9:
summer capsule shoes 15
1.  BCBG old Nordstrom Rack clearance/ 2.  Converse old Nordstrom Rack/ 3.  Free People old/ 4.  Dansko last season Nordstrom/ 5.  Free People old/ 6.  BCBG Ellis Platform Sandal current Hautelook/ 7.  Converse old Nordstrom Rack/ 8.  Superga old Nordstrom Rack clearance

Dresses 2:
summer capsule dresses 15
1. Go Couture Racerback Maxi current Hautelook/ 2.  Calvin Klein current Nordstrom Rack/ 3.  Evereve Alternative Eco Jersey Rouched Maxi on sale current/ 4.  CAbi Outlet Resort Maxi 2014/ 5.  Evereve old/ 6.  T Alexander Wang current Nordstrom Rack

Jackets 2:
summer capsule jackets 15
1.  CAbi Outlet Nantucket Sweater 2014/ 2.  CAbi Outlet Sweetheart Topper 2014 (this is really cute tied in a front knot on top of sleeveless dresses and tops)

Accessories/Underpinnings (unlimited):
accessories summer 15
1. This is how I cover myself up in the summer without dying of heat. The first lace top is from Free People and they come in lots of different colors, Galloon Lace Racerback. The other two lace tops are from a local boutique and the cropped cami’s are all from H&M. You have to buy these early in the season. I noticed this week they hardly had any colors or sizes left.  2.  Plain Fedora and scarf are old from Evereve and  3. The Black Ribbon Fedora is current from Nordstrom Rack.

This quarter I knew I would be borrowing from the other categories to give me more dresses and skirts. I find them to be the most comfortable on hot days and the easiest to layer so the dress category is a little lopsided. And that’s okay. The total number of pieces and how many are in each category are recommendations not laws so you choose what is best for you.

I pray this past year of posts have sparked some interest in this concept.  I know the feeling first hand of using shopping to soothe my emotions that never truly satisfies and leaves only guilt in the end.  And as women, we tend to put ourselves last on the list, which capsuling helps to resolve by freeing you from wasteful time and money spent in stores and getting to enjoy what matters.

Once again I say try it, you’ll like it…what’s the worst thing that could happen…what have you got to lose?
The original concept can be read about here along with the formula.
I’m here to help if you need me.
XO Missy

A Capsule Stitch


It’s June which means I am busily getting my Summer Capsule put together before July 1st. And in the middle of all the clothes moving and changing, I decided to give Stitch Fix a try. I have been hearing a lot about it from family and friends but had dismissed it thinking it would be too hard seeing clothes on my doorstep once a month when I am only needing new pieces every three months. But, to my delight, I found out you can pick your frequency of delivery, and once every three months is an option.  They also never ship more than 5 items at a time.  Perfect!

So, in I went and filled out my profile and preferences along with a note explaining that I was a “Capsule Dresser” and in need of some new items for my summer months. There is a $20 fee when you sign up, but that fee gets applied to any pieces you like and keep so it seemed like a pretty safe investment to me.

My Stitch was shipped on June 8th and arrived on my doorstep June 12th which gave me the whole weekend to try things on and see how they looked with the rest of my clothes.

It was pretty fun to see my box on the doorstep, wondering what my stylist picked out. And I have to say, she did a really good job. Included in the box is a style card with a personal note from your stylist.  I have heard the longer you do it, the better your stylist gets to know you and end up liking and keeping more of your pieces.


In the end, I only kept the boyfriend jeans. They fit VERY well and were a brand I have not heard of or seen before and the price wasn’t bad either.

And returning everything was just as easy as getting it. Go online and you’ll find all your pieces listed under your account. Type in a short note under the pieces you are returning so they can learn more about you and keep the ones you like. Your credit card info automatically gets processed and you slip the unwanted items in a pre-addressed, postage paid envelope. Done.

My next “fix” will ship September 8th, just in time for my Fall Capsule and I can’t wait.

If you are interested in giving this a try just go to Or you can click on my personal stitch fix referral link, which gives me credit if you sign up and purchase. Please do not feel obligated to do that, OR if you have a friend that already loves Stitch, use her referral link so she can get credit. I was not paid or asked to do this post. I just love researching and trying new things out and letting you know what I think.

Hope it helped. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences too or post on Instagram with the hashtag #capsulestitch. I also recommend following Stitch Fix on Instagram so you can see pieces coming up and their style tips.

See you in a few weeks with all my Summer Capsule duds. It’s hard keeping from wearing them now….but I resist.  :)
xo Missy

Columns of Color

colums of color redo
This has to be one of my all time favorite ways to dress. Some call it “tonal” or “monochromatic” dressing. The April 2015 issue of Real Simple agrees.
coloums of color 3
Besides creating height and a slender silhouette, it also makes a lovely statement and is very simple to put together. Based on your Dominant Color Characteristic you can do this is in either white or off-white. Choose the color that is best for your skin tone.

Another fun trick is to create a similar column but with color.
colums of color 2
I am a collector of both sleeveless, solid color maxi dresses and maxi skirts that have narrow width.  They are very flattering when layered under shirts and slips as the eye focuses on the long line of color. Here you are seeing outfits with the same top as in picture #1. Another easy way to mix and match your capsule pieces to stretch out the days and accomplish the same affect of being taller and trimmer.

All original pieces can be shopped for here.
I am loving this top from Anthropologie. It was one of my full retail splurges this quarter and it’s going to be worth every penny.

If you’d like to see more examples of column dressing just go here.

Here’s to creating columns of color in your closet full of capsule clothes!
xo missy

Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Best Friend

spring 15 header
My Spring 2015 Capsule is ready for all to see and I will admit, has been a fretful couple of weeks. Similar to the fall of 2014, this is a big seasonal change from winter to spring and has really stretched me, again, in a good way. Each time I enter a capsule shopping time I discover new things about myself, good and bad, and it forces me to let go of the “more is better” mentality and really think through what I like, don’t like and can live without.

This season I finally found a “boyfriend” cut of jean that is comfortable and am in love with. This cropped, looser cut is a great transition jean as the temperatures get warmer and you are not quite ready to bare your pale winter skin with a pair of shorts.  The boyfriend cut has been in style for several seasons but I have been unable to find a pair that fit around my waist while still giving me a looser cut in the leg, until now.

New to this season is the higher-waisted, boyfriend style jean called the “Girlfriend” jean. Hallelujah for all us curvy girls wanting to look cool and carefree! But with this cut comes a warning …be sure to view yourself from behind! This high-waisted jean is really cute from the front, but the term “mom jean” is not a term of endearment when referring to the girlfriend style. The higher set waistband can cause the backside to appear a mile long. Not good. Be sure to find tops that skim over that area and land below the widest part of your thigh.  Then finish with a tuck in the front, if you like.

The rest of you with slim hips and trim legs, ignore the advice above and enjoy your traditional boyfriend cut. Your tops only need to cover your tummy area.

So without further ado, here is my Spring Capsule:
spring 15 capsule tops
spring tops cont
1. Anthropologie Embroidered Panal Tunic current/2. Cabi Bobbin Lace Top current/3. Free People Drippy jersey dress current/4. Free People cold shoulder pull over current Nordstrom Rack/5. Free People ruched shirt current sale/6. Free People woodman plaid shirt current/7. Urban Outfitters denim tunic current/8. Free People tank old/9. Free People tank current Nordstrom Rack/10. Free People lace sweater current sale/11. H&M gray duster current/12. H&M pink sweater sale/13. Free People striped top old/14. H&M white button down current in store only/15. open spot if I need it
spring 15 capsul bottoms
1. Free People maxi skirt current Nordstrom Rack/2. AG jean bermudas old Anthropolgie/3. Vigoss skinnies old Nordstrom Rack/4. Democracy girlfriend jeans current Nordstrom Rack/5. Two by Vince Camuto joggers old Nordstram Rack clearance/6. Lucky Brand jeggings old Nordstrom Rack clearance/7. Kut from the Kloth skinnies current Nordstrom Rack/8. DKNY camo jeans current Nordstrom Rack/9. Splendid Maxi dress current Nordstrom Rack clearance
spring 15 shoes
1. Free People Krist Ankle boot sale current/2. Dansko last season/3. Free People old/4. Superga old Nordstrom Rack clearance/5. BCBG old Nordstrom Rack clearance/6. Converse old Nordstrom Rack/7. Free Bird old Nordstrom Rack/8. Free People old/9. Converse old Nordstrom Rack
spring 15 jackets
1. Anthropologie old fall of 2014/2. H&M Denim Jacket current
spring 15 dresses
1. Anthropologie denim shirtdress old from 2014/2. Evereve Maxi dress old 2014
spring 15 acces and under
Hat and scarf current sale Evereve and tanks are Free People, current, Nordstrom Rack.

Now that I’m seeing this capsule posted, it does seem a little pastel and neutral so we’ll see how I do. I really love monochromatic dressing and have several options for winter white combinations that I’m looking forward to trying. And I am well equipped with colorful statement earrings so I think all will turn out fine. And the good news is this time next year I’ll have the hindsight to know what worked and what didn’t. Another great aspect of capsule dressing.

If this is your first time to hear about the “capsule dressing” concept go here to download your capsule worksheet and go here to read more about the origins of this concept.

For future posts we’ll talk about having small capsules for outdoor sports and vacations and spring/summer wedding attire. Both are best to have on hand and ready, to prevent that last minute rushed shopping and buying that you regret later.

xo missy

Layering Love


layering header
As you can probably tell from all the outfits I have posted through the years, I am a queen of layering. It’s due to my body shape being smaller on top and heavier through the hips and thighs. My job in getting dressed everyday is creating balance and I’m finally getting the hang of it.

For most my life, I have depended on this…
lace cami
But instead I got this…
Think sausage and rubber bands. The cami’s are uncomfortable, ride up and when I get them down around my hips, they stick to everything including my back pockets. It left me feeling self conscious and uncomfortable.

Then came the discovery of sheer, long, sleeveless tops and also the plethora of slips from Free People and Evereve.  I have been in layering heaven. So here are my go-to layering pieces I wear every day unless I am wearing a skirt.
Top slips are from Free People called the Eyelashes Slip. They come in many, many colors. On the bottom are slips from Evereve called Lace Hem Tunic Tank.

long tops
Button downs are from Evereve, Urban Outfitters and H&M. The sheer sleeveless tops have been found at random times from Nordstrom Rack and the cotton long sleeves are from Evereve.

Inside Out Layering
And last is the very famous, number one selling slip at Free People – the Trapeze Slip. I call this style the Inside Out Slip. It is not as flattering under tops but better on top (as shown next to a long slender sleeveless maxi dress or pencil skirt) or worn as a shirt by itself.

So here are some basic guidelines when layering:

  • Avoid clingy, stretchy knits if possible. Even those of you at your ideal body weight will still have issues of riding up and bunching where you don’t want it.
  • The length of your underpinning depends on your body shape. If you are like me, your hem needs to hit at or below your fingertips. If you carry weight in your middle/tummy area (or not at all), try this tip. Cup your hands at your sides and the hem should fall into the palm of your hand. (you want to show off your slender hips and legs)
  • Make sure your underpinnings have room to move and hang straight.  If they are tight around your body, you might as well go back to the cami’s.
  • When your underpinnings are the same color or tone as your top, it gives you more color options for pants and leggings.
  • When it comes to your Capsule Count, my rule is it doesn’t count if the underpinning can’t be worn alone. But in contrast, my button downs and trapeze slips count.
  • Avoid full, flowy underpinnings, similar to the shape of the trapeze slip. You want your slip or shirt to create a long slender line of color to minimize your shape and make you look taller. Full bunchy slips only create width and frumpiness (I think I just made that word up).
    layering options
    So many options just because of a little slip. Gotta love it. Oh yeah, I already DO! (top from Free People)
    #layeringlove #wontleavehomewithoutit
    XO Missy

Winter Whites and Capsule Contemplations

It’s January and that means Capsule #2 has begun for the winter season. This has been a much more pleasant experience with my capsule already being semi-full of cozy winter wear and only needing to “refresh” this time instead of starting from scratch. We have also had the added benefit of end of year sales as the stores prepare for their new 2015 spring line.

Aubrey and I will share our capsule contemplations at the bottom of this post but one thing that happens as you stay within the confines of your 37 pieces is you develop what I call “style habits”. For me this season it has been monochromatic dressing. I don’t know if I’ve always done this but just haven’t noticed or whether it’s something new, but it is definitely something I have grown quite fond of and will continue with capsule #2. So, here I am in one of my new fav’s,  dressing in winter whites:
Monochromatic dressing tips – be sure to mix texture, pattern and layers or you will be boring instead of unique and don’t be afraid to choose other colors. Mixing shades of gray is my second favorite.  (In this photo I am wearing top #7, leggings #8+ and  shoes #5.  Scarf is from Anthropolgie and ivory slip is from Nordstrom Rack)

Here are some quick pics of my Winter Capsule #2:
TOPS – 1,2 CAbi old, 3, 4, 8,, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 7
winter capsule tops
winter capsule tops 2

DRESSES and JACKETS – 1 2 and 1 CAbi old 2 old
winter capsule dress jacket

BOTTOMS – 1, 2, 5, 6 3 4, 7 CAbi old, 8+
winter capsule bottoms
Feel free to call me out on my patterned leggings. I’m not sure how to categorize them. They are NOT PANTS (hint hint you young things out there) but more like accessories for me. Kind of like adding a scarf. So for now they are in the category of pants 8+. :)

SHOES – 1 Sorel 2 Converse 3 Ugg 4 Born 5 Pakros 6 Donald Pliner 7 Ugg 8 TOMS 9 Nine West
winter capsule shoes
I’m also trying to replace my black Ugg boots with something similar but not so “slipper-ish”. We’ll see.

I’ll wrap up with our thoughts so far, hoping that it will make this idea a little more intriguing if you have been considering it for the new year:

Thoughts from Aubrey, 20-something, full time working young professional…
Refreshing: I literally have a whole new closet and finally feel excited to go pick something out or pack for a trip. However, I don’t think it will be something I do multiple times a year. I really feel like making a capsule wardrobe is a great way to refresh yourself and your closet. If you feel like you’ve lost your style, are overwhelmed by old clothes you wear, or just feel like you want to freshen your look, but you don’t know what to buy in order to do so, capsuling is the best way to jump start. It forced me to figure out what my style was (which I really needed in the transition to young working life), it helped me clear out so many items I was holding onto since college, and let me see what I was missing in my closet!
My de-stresser: The main reason I won’t be doing this every quarter is because shopping is my de-stresser. I like the feeling of adding 1 or 2 new things to my closet every month. BUT, now because of capsuling, I feel more of the need to give clothes away or sell them as I add new stuff in order to keep my closet uncluttered.
Budget: I would rather have a budget spread out into every month that allows me to shop every once in a while then save and spend it all at once every three months.

Thoughts from Missy, 50-something, part time working, old wise mom…
Comfort: I have noticed I migrate towards my comfy outfits when getting ready in the morning so I tried to keep that in mind as I added new pieces this time around. Case in point…I have a new found obsession with patterned knit leggings. (see photo #8+) They add so much interest to an otherwise boring outfit and are so comfortable.
Restriction: I have come to appreciate the restriction in 37 pieces and seen the benefits of a simpler closet that forces me to wear what I have and get creative mixing it up.
Freedom: With the restriction has come more freedom. More freedom to be picky in my purchases, to spend a little more on something I know I’ll love and wear a lot and to be free of shopping in between capsules.
Too much: to my surprise I did not wear all 37 pieces in my first capsule. I had several pairs of shoes and several tops that never got touched, some still with tags, so out they went as I prepared for capsule #2. I was so worried it wouldn’t be enough. Who knew? In light of that, I am not using all 15 slots available for my tops quite yet and will keep my options open.

Here is the formula reminder:
15 tops
9 bottoms
9 pairs of shoes
2 dresses
2 jackets
= 37 pieces total

Do you think you can do it? I know you can. And it’s a great time of year to try new things. Let me know if you need any help or suggestions. We’re here for you!
XO missy and aubrey

Faux Real

It’s time to get real about eyelashes ladies!  If you are like my daughter and I, you get frustrated when you put on mascara because there just isn’t much there!  But luckily for you, we have been experimenting to find the perfect, discrete yet beautiful, solution to this problem…especially before the holiday parties!aubrey front

I am a lover of the “dramatic” upper eye look, similar to Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn.
marilyn and audrey
To do this you need a strong liner on top and nice thick lashes but at my age thick lashes are hard to come by. I have been intrigued by the new mascaras that deliver little fibers to the lashes to help thicken them up and here are my results so far:
faux lashes
Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes – of the three, I feel like Younique gave me the thickness I’m looking for but not length and I’m actually good with that. The price is right in the middle and it is easy to remove at night. The fibers are black and stick well to the lashes. They also recommend you starting with a coat of your own mascara which none of the other products do. It is not sold in stores but very easy to order online through a rep.
Too Faced Better than False Lashes – also reasonably priced but the fibers are white instead of black. They also stick very well to the lashes, but I find this product gives me more length than it does volume.  So if that is what you are looking for, it’s great. The other drawback was it was hard to remove at night.
Tarte Best in Faux – this product is higher in price than the other two considering it only comes with a “sampler” of the base and top coat but with the other two it is included. The fibers were black like Younique, but I had a hard time getting them to stick.  Overall, it gave me a much lighter thickness and length. But, it was easy to remove and I know Tarte is known for being a more “natural” product.

And lastly, there is the option of applying false lashes. These can be intimidating but Aubrey showed me which ones to buy, which glue to use and how to apply them so here are some of her tips:
aubrey falsies
Tip #1 – purchase the Ardell  brand, black SHORT individual flares.  These particular lashes are actually shorter than Aubrey’s real lashes, which gives the most natural look.  She applies 6 to 7 per side, I apply 4 to 5 considering my age.
Tip #2 – use black glue instead of clear, Ardell adhesive in dark. It gives you a nice black base at the root of your eyelashes making them look even thicker.
Tip #3 – apply the individual flares UNDER your lashes not on top. It is much easier to apply this way and they blend in way better.
Tip #4 – don’t feel like you have to remove them at night. If you are careful when you remove your eye makeup they can last for several days. During the day you may decide to just wear the lashes with no mascara for a very natural daytime look.

So, we hope this eyelash post has helped you navigate through these products with a little more confidence.

In the meanwhile, it’s time for Aubrey and I to get started on our “Winter Capsule” that begins in January. My how time flies.  I, in fact, have several pieces I have yet to wear. So crazy to think that would happen with only 37 items.
And if you’ve been considering giving this capsule idea a try, I highly recommend it for the winter quarter. Sales will be great after Christmas and this is an easy transition from fall to winter. It really is an amazing experience, and Aubrey and I are learning so much about ourselves. More on that later…

Have fun fluttering those falsies!
XO Missy

Capsule Cuteness in the Cold

cold weather capsule II
cold weather capsule
It’s cold here in Colorado right now so I thought I’d do a quick post on how to stay warm and fashionable at the same time. Dressing in layers is the key along with your cozy Uggs and waterproof Sorels.
The Shaggy Wrap Ruana is from Free People. I wore it this weekend shopping with my girlfriends and got so many compliments.
The Plaid Fringe Blanket Open Poncho is from Urban Outfitters, also very warm.
And when the sun is out, wearing a cozy sweater, scarf and fingerless mittens is all I need.
I will confess I have little fettish with fingerless gloves and these are my newest addition, my bunny mittens. I found them at Nordstrom’s this weekend on sale and they come in lots of different colors. (just in case you want some too)
I also added a hat to my accessory collection, which I have never done before and had a blast wearing it this weekend also. This one is from Evereve but I know you will see them in lots of different places.
Original capsule pieces can be seen here.  Except the High Low Henley Top has taken the place of this.

I hope it isn’t quite as cold in your neck of the woods but if so, don’t feel obligated to cover up in a puffy parka if you don’t want to.
ugly parkas

Cheers to the fashionistas who don’t let a 4 degree high discourage them!
xo Missy

All Dressed Up…

…and so many places to go! This blog will be about our “Special Occasion Capsule”, which remember, does NOT count in your 37 pieces since these pieces are only worn a few times a year. With Thanksgiving in just a couple weeks and Christmas and New Years soon after, now is the time to take inventory of what you have available to wear. But before I show you the pieces I have collected over the years I’ll start with a few more outfits from my fall capsule.
fall capsule outfits
Individual capsule items can be seen here. CAbi is the designer for all these pieces except the white blouse and scarf. One thing I appreciate about CAbi is how they carry the same dyes through the years. So even though my skirt is very old CAbi and the sweater is from the spring 2014 collection, they match. I had yet to try these two pieces on together until today but was wondering if they would work. They are a lot of fun! It is a very full and flowy outfit but because it is a “column” of solid color it works. The scarf, also a late addition to my accessories, is available here. So nice to see the capsule mix and match like this!

Now on to my fancy clothes:special occasion capsule
1.  Paneled Flapper Dress – old CAbi  2.  High Waisted wide legged slacks – old CAbi  3.  Ponte/Vegan leather shift dress – current Trina Turk Nordstrom Rack  4.  Gray Silk Strapless – old CAbi  5.  Gray Silk/Velvet dress – Beth Bowley old Nordstrom Rack

special occasion capsule 2
1.  Violet Sweater/Scarf – BCBG old Nordstrom Rack  2.  Violet Silk top – old CAbi  3.  Lace Knit sweater – old Free People  4.  Embellished Slip – current Free People  5.  Black cropped cardigan – old Gap  6.  Wool Cropped Cardigan – Charlie and Robin old Anthropologie

One thing I love about my “fancy additions” vs. my “fancy anchors” is they have a lot more versatility. Some I can wear with leggings or skinny jeans when the night is festive but not dressy. Mix them with the right accessories and your special occasion makeup, you are all set. In fact, my embellished slip from Free People is in my closet as an underpinning all fall and winter. It is one of my favorites.

For special occasion makeup here are some of my favorites:
fancy makeup
1.  Beautiful lip color and shine with Lip Gloss Trio by Bobbi Brown (the Midnight Violet is beautiful for evenings)
2.  Please don’t forget to pencil in and set your eyebrows.  They are the frame to your face and make you look awake and years younger.  This is my favorite because it also adds volume.  I use it every day.  Gimme Brow by Benefit.
3.  I always use concealer before applying makeup BUT just before going out at night, I have found this to add an extra boost of brightness under the eye.  Tinted Eye Brightener by Bobbi Brown.
4.  I have been experimenting with different mascaras, looking for ones that add volume before length.  Especially because I love that dramatic upper eye look and this mascara has fit the bill.  Too Faced Better than False Lashes.  I use this every day and just add an extra coat of Too Faced Better than Sex mascara before going out at night.  Both are very “build-able”. PS this is not good for the lower lashes. I don’t use anything below but if you need that, just use your regular mascara.
5.  I have talked about this before with the 5 minute face, and that is the importance of highlighter.  This pencil has two ends and I save the “water line” end for when I go out at night.  It makes the whites of your eyes look bright and awake.  Pixi Crayon Combo in “wide awake”.
6.  This is a new product I have added this season from Bobbi Brown and I LOVE it.  I actually use it every day on top of my base blush to add some “glow” but will add an extra coat before going out at night.  Rose Shimmer Brick by Bobbi Brown.
7.  And last but not least is that end of day shine.  This will do the trick and add a velvety look to your skin.  This is another product I use every day but use again at night before going out.  Sheer Finish Pressed Powder by Bobbi Brown.
I also have a wonderful 13 minute tutorial on eyeliner basics from one of my favorite bloggers, Kate, from The Small Things Blog.  Click here.
eyeliner basics

And last but not least is your nails. One of the easiest accessories you can add during the holidays that will stay with you all through the season. I love, love, love the new gel technology and actually have a standing appointment with the nail salon at Wal-Mart every two weeks. And when the holidays get near I start diving into all the fun rich colors of the season. These are are some of my favorite colors;  deep purples, grays, black, rich browns and navy blues:
fancy nails
And something I feel very strongly about is the length of nail when wearing rich colors like this.  The picture above is exactly how I like it and recommend it.  Anything long and pointy with these colors will give off a scary, intimidating look so please be careful and opt for a short, clean look.

So, if this concept of having a “special occasion capsule” is new to you, I recommend you take it slow and enjoy the process. The opposite of that is waiting until the last minute, buying something because you have to, wearing it with no joy, selling it later at a resale store or giving it away and then starting all over again next year. So start keeping an eye out now while you are relaxed and not in any hurry and you will be amazed at what you will find. And remember, these are meant to be long term investments, so look for quality and timelessness.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday, enjoying your families.  These days are precious.
xo missy

My Capsule Closet

Showing you my closet makes me feel very exposed but it’s all good and part of the process of letting go of bad habits and starting new healthier ones. I’ll start off first with some pictures of two outfits I have been wearing a lot this month because of our crazy October weather. It gets down to the 30’s at night and then zooms back up to high 70’s low 80’s during the day so it’s been hard finding comfortable outfits to wear so far.

lightweight fall outfits
The outfit on the left I wore to church this morning, teaching sunday school and wanting to be comfortable but still put together. And the outfit on the right came in handy for a party for work and needing to be ready to go outside and roast marshmallows. yummmmm This hoody jacket from Free People is really comfortable but has high slits up the sides so I decided to add the lace slip for coverage. When it gets colder I’ll switch to my ponte knit leggings and Ugg boots. And with my skinny boyfriend jeans I can easily switch to my brown Sorel winter boots. To see the original capsule pieces and where they came from go here.

Now my closet…
portrait closet
On the left is pretty much how my closet has looked all summer. Way too many shoes, very disorganized, too many clothes that I wasn’t wearing. I know it’s hard to tell in pictures but the feeling I have now when I look at my closet on the right is so much more peaceful. I have bags of clothes and shoes that I am giving away and taking to my resale store and more I need to deal with in the spring. And I will confess, having all my shoes in one place, limited to 9 pairs, is a first for me….ever….so embarrassing.
lanscape closet
On the right side door I have hung all my slip type underpinnings and on the left side I have a similar over the door organizer with my scarves, purses and belts. I know I have a lot more to clean out in the basket drawers and up top but I’ll wait and tackle it with my spring capsule.

If you’ve been hesitant to try this capsule idea and are still on the fence I would encourage you to just give it a try for a week and see how you do.  Go grab a cheap rolling rack at Ross (thank you Ellen Schulz) and throw your favorite 37 pieces on it and see if you miss the rest of your closet by the end of the week.  How many of us can identify with the character in the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”?  I know I can and did and always will, which is why this has been so good for me.  It’s not been easy but I’m so glad I was open to it.  In America we are used to having a lot of choices and are comfortable with excess so I know this is a process for all of us.  Anyway, onward we go in our own personal journey’s.

xo missy