Capsule Confessions and Duster Power

So, I’ve changed my mind.
I was going to be done and start wearing my fall/winter capsule starting this month but two things happened.
1 – I didn’t have enough time in August to prepare and I hate feeling rushed when picking out my clothes.
2 – It’s still hot and I’m not in the mood to wear my fall clothes yet.
So there you have it. I will now rearrange my quarters and follow Caroline’s example and begin my fall/winter capsule with October and end it with December. And with that decision has come much joy and a sense of peace as I slowly and thoughtfully change, add and move around my 37 piece capsule.

Aubrey, on the other hand, already has her capsule done. She starts her new job on Monday and needed to get her “work outfits” set up ASAP so what I’ll share today is a few snippets of pieces I have firmly decided on and the ones Aubrey has picked out for herself. I work part time in a coffee shop and come home covered in coffee so I am not including my work clothes in my fall capsule. Instead, my capsule will be focused on clothes to wear to appointments, run errands in, out with friends and church. And then you’ll have a nice contrast with Aubrey’s work clothes if that is more of what you need.

Here are a few of Aubrey’s pieces so far:
aubs fall capsule
And look how cool this is. Caroline has developed an app for your phone called StyleBook app (there is one for men too). It’s only $3.99 for the download and it allows you to bring in all the photos you take of your capsule as individual pieces, edits out the background and saves them in the folders you pick. You can then create outfits so you don’t forget and can even plan out your days in the apps calendar. If only I were young again…and what a blessing to young working moms too!
aubrey's fall capsule 2

And here are my pieces so far:
missys capsule
All of these pieces were either purchased at Nordstrom Rack or Evereve (Hot Mama) and all were on sale.  1 – Toms wedge booties, 2 – Free People, 3 – Evereve brand, 4 – Rack, 5 – Ugg from the Rack, 6 – Democracy from the Rack, 7 – Lucky from the Rack, 8 – Evereve, 9 – Free Bird from the Rack.  As I have been out and about shopping and moving my pieces around I have slowly come up with a color theme of navies, chocolate browns, blacks and touches of berry reds and golds.  I can already tell how much this is going to help as I reinvent outfits for the next 90 days.  And surprisingly I have had a hard time finishing out my 15 tops/jackets so I may sub in another dress or skirt.  We’ll see.  This is what some of my combos look like in the app:
missys capsule combos
I’m just getting started but wanted you to see how this works.

We’ll be back next weekend to show you our progress. But in the meanwhile, I want to introduce you to the power of the Duster Sweater.
duster samples
1 – Anthropologie, 2 – H&M, 3 – Evereve (formerly Hot Mama)
I love this time of year when my dusters can come out and play. Dusters typically are made of very light weight, loose weave knits that are long in length, almost hitting the floor. And because of their light weave are PERFECT pairings with your sleeveless tops and dresses or after a work out to cover your booty. It’s that perfect piece for this transitional month of weather when we still have summer in our closet but need our arms covered in the evenings.   And they are too thin to wear with long sleeves so now is the time to wear it!

I have ordered a fall/winter duster from Free People that is thermal and meant to be worn over layers and hoping to add it to my capsule so we’ll see.
duster winter
As you can tell I love this piece of clothing and think they look great on all body shapes and sizes.
Anyway, enough for now. I have more shopping to do!
And we would love to hear if you are trying this too!

You can read all about the capsule idea here.
You can download the capsule worksheet here.
You can enjoy Caroline’s blog posts and her progress on her own capsule here (Caroline is in her late 20’s and a free lance photographer).
See you next week.

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