Capsule Gratitude

Since our last post, I have had the joy of working with two sisters in law, one totally new to my style appointments and one that I have consulted with before but wanted help putting her own capsule together. So here are their pictures and thoughts…

First is Wendy. Wendy is a pastor’s wife and mom of four very active children, college age down to freshman in high school. Wendy hasn’t spent a lot of time thinking about her closet and is always happy to accept clothing from friends and family even though it may not be her best style, color or fit and she decided it was time to get more involved in her clothing decisions. So here is adorable Wendy before we got started.
wendy's closet
As you can see I did not leave her with much but I made her a great shopping list with very specific items so she will feel less overwhelmed when out and about. Wendy has a very interesting mix of “Pure Natural” and “Creative Original” so I am anxious to see how her capsule turns out. This is what Wendy said later, after her experience, “Thank you! It was such a great experience for me! It’s like I got permission to take care of myself in a new way…this could even help save marriages if women could feel better about themselves…etc.”

Next is her sister in law Christy. I have already worked with Christy.  Her original closet is on my “services” page. Christy LOVED the idea of capsuling when I first posted the concept so we made an appointment to revisit her closet again and it was so worth it!

This is so common at the end of my closet/style appointments. We get everything cleaned out and organized by color, but it still feels overwhelming for both of us. I know we need to put together outfits from what is left but there is still so much remaining we both get overwhelmed and I’m not feeling much closure. But now, with the capsule all that has changed.
christy before
So in Christy’s “before” you see a closet organized by color with lots of slacks/jeans up top and down below a slew of shoes. When I came over I brought my rolling rack and I had Christy start picking out her favorite tops, bottoms, jackets and shoes and then we counted them out (15 tops, 9 bottoms, 9 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses and 2 jackets). We both realized as she was going through all her slacks (folded on the top shelf), she had way more than she needed of jeans and no dress pants. So after picking out her favorite two or three pairs, all different in style, we made a list of new pants that needed to be added. Christy has done an amazing job of thriftily shopping and filling in her gaps and purging out the excess.   This is how her closet looks now: (along with new velvet black hangers from Costco, my favorites)
christy after
Here are Christy’s thoughts so far…
“At first I thought that doing a capsule wardrobe would be so limiting but have been pleasantly surprised to find the opposite true. Capsuling is so freeing! I’m freed from all the extra clothes that I would dig through to try and make work but couldn’t and never really knew why. Now I know, I didn’t love them. Freed to spend a little more and get quality over quantity because I now know EXACTLY what I need AND what I don’t. Freed to walk in a store and focus on what is necessary to complete an outfit or add to my capsule instead of wasting valuable time aimlessly wandering through and being distracted by pretty yet unnecessary items. To me, living without a capsule wardrobe is like managing your household with out a budget. Thank you Missy for introducing me to the capsule idea and helping me free up my closet, budget, and time.”

So well said, I have nothing to add.
Like the Nike commercial says, “just do it”.
What have you got to lose?
What’s the worst thing that could happen?

To read the original explanation of Capsule Ward-robing, go here.
To download the Capsule worksheet, go here.
If you need my help, go here.
Next week my capsule will be complete and up for you to see piece by piece and Aubrey and I will share our own personal thoughts so far.

xo Missy


  1. That is so fun! Wendy is my friend! We go to their church!

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