Capsule Completion

At last, my very first capsule is ready to wear. Perfect timing also as the weather starts to cool down this coming week. BUT if hot days continue to pop up here and there, I won’t force myself to be uncomfortable or overheat, so I’ll keep a few transitional items from the summer nearby. Here are the items for October, November and December 2014!!!
TOPS 1-15:
tops 1-9
tops 12-15
Gray Cotton Sweater – CAbi spring/summer 2014, Gray Tunic Sweater – Evereve made by Lumiere, Plaid Flannel Cardi – Evereve made by Billa Bong, Graphic Tee – Nordstrom Rack made by Happening in the Present, Tunic Blouse – Evereve old, White Button Down – Evereve made by Cherish, Oversized Sweatshirt – Nordstrom Rack made by Free People, Berry Tunic – Evereve made by Allison Joy, Patchwork Cowl – Evereve made by Free People, Brown Sleeveless Tunic – Nordstrom Rack made by Lapis, Striped Swing Tee – Evereve made by Ellison, Sleeveless Army Jacket – Anthropologie made by Sanctuary, Denim Shirt – CAbi old, Ribbed Sleeve Sweater – Evereve made by Sweet Romeo.

pants 1-6
bottoms 7-9
Black Skinnies – Nordstrom Rack made by Lucky Brand, Black Track Pants – Nordstrom Rack made by Two by Vince Camuto, Black Pleather Leggings – CAbi fall of 2013, Brown Chino Skinnies – Nordstrom Rack made by Democracy, Skinny Boyfriends – Nordstrom Rack made by Hudson, Distressed Skinnies – Nordstrom Rack made by Not Your Daughters Jeans, Sweater Maxi – Nordstrom Rack made by Rubbish, Plaid Dress – Evereve made by Audrey, Maxi Skirt – CAbi old.

Denim Shirt Dress – Evereve old made by Level 99, Pleather Knit Dress – Nordstrom Rack made by Splendid.

Denim Jacket – CAbi old, Gray Train Coat – CAbi old.

Black Bootie Wedges – Nordstrom Rack made by Dolce Vita, Ugg Boots – Nordstrom Rack old, Black Lace Ups – Nordstrom Rack made by Born, Black Chucks – Nordstrom Rack made by Converse, Brown Oxfords – second hand store made by Born, Sorel Wedge Boots – Evereve made by Sorel, Brown Midcalf Boots – Nordstrom Rack old made by Pakros, Brown Lace ups – Nordstrom Rack old made by Donald Pliner, Tan Riding Boots, Nordstroms made by Bedstu.

Spanx Tights are from Nordstrom Rack, Lapel Pin is from CAbi current season and faux fur is from Nordstrom Rack.
Store Links from above: Nordstroms, Nordstrom Rack, Evereve, CAbi and Anthropologie

This has been a very interesting and insightful process for me and I have been compiling my thoughts to share with you, so here are my top 10:
1. Working with a theme of color really helps make your wardrobe more mix and match-able and you’ll find pieces from different stores look like they were meant to be together.
2. Your capsule will not be perfect on the first round. Just start pulling all your pieces that you love and get them out so you can see them and can “dwell” and “think” on them before your capsule begins.
3. Make a list of items you need. It may be basics like a new black skirt or pair of dress pants or ballet flats or maybe you’ve seen a new trend you want to try out. Make a list!
4. Go shopping. Use your worksheet that Caroline provides (go here) and hone in on your favorite stores. For me that includes The Rack, CAbi, Anthropologie, FreePeople. Go to the Brands page of the worksheet and start your list. It will save you a ton of time to only shop in the stores you love.
5. Don’t be afraid of buying more than you need or passed your budget. Save your receipts and return the next day. I never trust the mirrors or lighting in the stores and I need to see how the pieces look with the rest of my capsule. This past month I have come home and immediately hung my new pieces up with the rest of my capsule to see if they are all “happy” together.  Then the next day back I go to return the things that don’t work.
6. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on yourself than you normally do. You are only shopping 4x per year and you are going to be getting a lot of use out of these pieces so splurge a little if you need to. I love the saying that “you haven’t saved any money on a sale item if you don’t wear it”.
7. Don’t worry if you go over or under your 37 pieces. This is a process and I think with time will get easier, so don’t beat yourself up if your capsule isn’t perfect. This is a work in progress with how we look and feel about our closets and the clothes we wear and if a month into it you realize you made a bad choice, pull the item and replace it with something better.
8. I think there are going to always be two times a year that your capsule transition is large and abrupt – summer to fall and winter to spring. We happen to be starting with an abrupt one so don’t get discouraged as you transition into this wardrobe.
9. It’s important to identify with your style: Pure Natural, Modern Classic, Creative Original or Fashionista and let it guide your purchases and pieces. I am a Creative Original so you are seeing a very eclectic capsule with edgy shoes so don’t let that scare you. All the styles are beautiful and perfect on you when it’s the right one.

10. I have made the executive decision that “underpinnings” don’t count. I decided if the piece can’t be worn alone then it shouldn’t count as a capsule item. You will see in my outfit combinations this season that I am very dependent on slips, shear tunics and long tank tops to extend my line and cover my bootie. You know where your trouble spots are so make sure you have what you need to be comfortable.

As you can see in my “bottoms” section I did not use all 9 slots as pants and substituted in more dresses because of church and the holidays coming up. And don’t forget you get to have an endless supply of accessories like jewelry, scarves, tights, hats and purses. You will be surprised how much an accessory can change your look.

In the coming months Aubrey and I will keep posting outfit combinations modeled by us, not just on the hanger, and other postings as I feel inspired. I would love to hear if you are feeling inspired to give this a try…or maybe you want to wait and see how this turns out for me. Even if you don’t think this is for you, I would encourage you to keep tabs on what you wear this fall and in December do a head count of your most popular pieces. Statistics show we only wear about 25% of our wardrobe so capsuling gives you permission to let go of the 75% and relax and enjoy what you have.

I’ll sign off with a quote from Caroline, the originator of the Capsule Wardrobe, “To me, a capsule wardrobe represents more time and energy for what really matters (less time spent deciding what to wear / less time spent shopping / less time doing laundry or caring for clothes) more money for our dreams + helping others (less money spent on clothes that never get worn) and more contentment and happiness.

Now I’m just waiting for a sweater and dress to arrive and my first fall capsule will be complete.  I’m looking forward to resting these next months.  I have realized that new fashion comes in to stores about every 4 weeks.  There will always be more to buy, more to see, more to want, and more to spend time on, so my hope is that you will be freed from of all that by building a capsule wardrobe and loving every outfit you put on each season.  I pray this fall is full of peace, relaxation and many sweet memories with family and friends while feeling and looking great from the inside out!

#37capsulelove #readyforfall
xo missy


  1. Ellen Schulz says:

    Missy: love the capsule concept. I’ve done a mini capsule for two weeks of travel to South Carolina to visit family and celebrate our 35 year anniversary in Charleston. I leave tomorrow.

    The first thing I did was buy a rolling garment rack…$16 at Ross. That made the process doable. I could see everything and it was easier to dispense/add items to create cohesion and variety. The transitional season of Early Fall was a challenge. I’ve finished packing and actually have room left in my suitcase! This is a first.

    An Apple App that I use on IPad to make reusable lists for everything such as: Thanksgiving, Christmas, weekend guests, entertaining (winter, summer), Spring Cleaning, and travel; Beach trip, Weekend in the mountains, Camping, etc… Is “Ultimate Checklist”. I don’t have to think much beyond the first time I put a list together. This is probably why the capsule concept appeals to me!

    Thank you for your inspiration! I feel totally prepared, now. Much love, Ellen

    • Missy Tidwell says:

      Ellen let me know when you are back. I’d love to show some pictures of your capsule on my facebook page if you would be willing to share. I would imagine having a capsule has been so amazing when traveling! Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing and good to know about the racks at Ross too. 🙂 missy

  2. I’ve been saving up some money and I’m going to give the capsule wardrobe a try! I will be incorporating favorite pieces that I already have, so it won’t cost a small fortune! I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • Missy Tidwell says:

      yay Jennifer. Send me pictures and I’ll put them on the facebook page. I know everyone would enjoy seeing more than just silly me. Would love to hear your thoughts too as you go. It’s a very interesting process for sure. 🙂 hugs, missy

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